I’m So Mortified …

8 thoughts on “I’m So Mortified …”

  1. Spelling… it’s overrated šŸ™‚ On a more serious note – how exactly does one pronounce that word? Somehow it always comes out of my mouth as “war-shester-shire shaush”

    It’s “WERE – chester – sheer”. šŸ™‚

    No, I don’t have a speech impediment; it’s just one of those troublesome words. It’s evil… AND salty BUT one of the critical ingredients in beef stroganoff, I believe.

    Really? I don’t know. Stroganoff has a white sauce, so I don’t know where Worcestershire comes in.

    OOhhhh, speaking of beef stroganoff… perhaps I should see if my chef-minded husband will whip up a batch for dinner next week (as long as I don’t correct his spelling mistakes on the recipe).

    And butter him up with lots of compliments about his writing and looks and all that. Never hurts.

  2. And that’s where being a spelling Nazi can get you into trouble. šŸ˜‰ lol

    Oi. AMEN. I’ve already been reamed — by a STRANGER, no less — for my grammar weaknesses. Now my spelling faux pas is all over the ‘Net. I guess I should abandon writing altogether. I suck at all the elements.

  3. I think there is a more pressing issue at hand. Why does it matter if a rarely used word with a funny spelling and pronunciation is spelled correctly at all? It’s not like by misspelling that word, the wifey will purchase tartar sauce instead when she visits the grocery store. It’s close enough dammit.

    I guess that’s the question here. Why’d I “correct” it? I don’t really know. I just … did it. Without much forethought about it. Or afterthought for that matter. I wasn’t making fun of her or even being mean. I just did it out of habit. I think I was on the phone with someone at the time. And I screwed it up so the f**cking joke’s on me anyway. Heh.

  4. And I heard somewhere that James Joyce was an awful speller. I also heard that he was a writer of some note. Fud for thought.

    Tnahks. You know, I’ve never red Joyce. Mabye I’ll check him owt sometime. šŸ™‚

  5. The best part was that I didn’t even realize you’d misspelled it until I wrote it in my blog post, and spell-check caught it.

    Don’t feel bad, Love. It happens to all of us.

    “Us?” You mean … you hhhhhhhhhhhumans??


  6. I pronounce Worcestershire as “worster – shir”. But then, what do I know? Plus, I don’t use the stuff.

    Take it from an anal retentive speller that is losing that “skill” (because of aging?) that it’s better to just let it go….

    Sounds like sage advice. Oh well. My body’s not what it used to be, why should my mind be? Thanks for piping in with the alternate pronunciation, too. Nice to have you stop by.

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