A Ghost of a Chance

6 thoughts on “A Ghost of a Chance”

  1. I see dead people.
    Just kidding. However, I totally believe in ghosts. We went on a trip to visit Lizzie Borden’s house…and it was CREE.PY.
    They turned it into a bed and breakfast. You can stay in her room! 🙂
    Google it! CRAZY

    I’ve heard that before. I think it’s a fun idea! You know, there’s pretty strong evidence that Ms. Borden did NOT kill her parents, but an intruder did. 🙂

  2. I’m a skeptic and only watch GH because DZ makes me. From my admittedly unskilled observations Jay, Grant, and Steve (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) are more apt to dismiss stuff as dust, shadows, or even banging pipes rather than paranormal activity. They’ve debunked a lot of stuff that other investigators would claim as genuine.

    I don’t know … while I don’t know those guys personally, they DO have a show to keep on the air. I’ve seen some pretty hokey stuff they said they “couldn’t explain” (moving chairs, bed clothes being pulled back, etc.) that was pretty EASY to explain (it was staged), and I just don’t trust them. Then again, I don’t believe in ghosts, and the two MCs on that show claim to have had paranormal experiences. So we’re at odds out of the gate on it.

    Try watching any of the other shows sometime like Paranormal State… those are pure and total crap.

    I have no doubt whatsoever. Give me Benjamin Radford any day over ALL of them. A genuine investigator and debunker.

    I can’t wait to hear more details about the new book idea! *hint hint* ~k

    Me too! Oh, wait … you meant from me, right? Okay. 😉

  3. “There are several ghost stories lingering around strange roadside figures and disembodied voices in graveyards.”

    I’ve read a few of those kinds of stories lately and I always enjoy them.

    To answer the questions, I would likely be a believer in otherworldly things (although I really couldn’t say what things). My feeling is that their is so much more beyond our percieved realities, and we just don’t get it yet.

    Ghosts – maybe – I’ve never seen one, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they could be there.


    Trevas, welcome! And thanks for sounding off on the question. I enjoy hearing about paranormal experiences, though I can’t say I’m a believer. Once again, thanks for coming by!

  4. K, I have a few questions here…you mentioned writing ghost hunters, do u mean the show??? next congrats on the awards..i enjoy this blog and its well deserved…Zman sends

    Thanks, Steve! No, I don’t write for the TV show “Ghost Hunters”, unfortunately. In this context, that’s the working title of my completed manuscript. It’s a work of fiction. 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested, I can give you a link to the rough draft — but you have to promise to remember it’s only the rough draft. 😉

  5. Knyt

    Thanks for offering the read to the manuscript. I would reccomend you keep it close to the chest for reasons of copyright and plagarism. Good luck with it I will pass though..Zman sends

    Thanks! I appreciate it. Before I send it off for representation, I’ll be pulling it down. 🙂

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