Interesting Day Yesterday

8 thoughts on “Interesting Day Yesterday”

  1. WOW! Cool-ass beans.

    (Remember that dream you had about the cafeteria? Does he fit into that?)

    Nope, he sure doesn’t. 🙂 We’re hoping it’s cool-ass beans, but we have to see. Keep yo’ fingas crossed!

  2. I think the out of the blue aspect is the strangest of all, as well as the fact that he spent so much time and effort trying to find you.

    Yeah, that was odd too. I’m glad he did, but it was almost … creepy. In a good, eerie sort of way. Y’know?

  3. Good luck with the job hopefully this will work in your favor. I have a question though..if lots of people are praying for the same job opening who does the almighty let the job go to..??…Zman sends

    Hey, thanks, Zman. I trust that being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient gives the Almighty the perspective to know what’s best for absolutely everyone involved. He hasn’t messed up for me yet. 🙂

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