Catastrophic Breakdown

6 thoughts on “Catastrophic Breakdown”

  1. I love how you took something as mundane as fluid ‘going down the wrong pipe’ and made it into a corporate labor dispute. I will never shake the mental image of my epiglottis as a lazy teamster employee.

    On a related note, ask DZ about the day I spewed liquid across an entire aisle of the grocery store. Mucho embarrassing.

    Thanks, hon! I’ll have to ask about that story sometime. Soon. 😉

  2. I stopped reading about halfway down. Can you please summerize. Give me the jist of it. Hey, jist rhymes with fist. GET TO THE BLOODY POINT!

    I’m going to copy this reply, save it to a text file, and post it on every blog post you put up from now on! 😛

  3. What is the movie where the people are shrunk and put inside a body. This post was a mix between that movie and Hoffa. Never really heard choking put in these words…I almost passed out but stayed upright…glad i did great post really funny…Zman sends

    Thanks, Zman! I’m glad you enjoyed it! The movie was Fantastic Voyage. Very cool!

  4. I did read the whole post but for some reason, I only understand 10% and I’m not even sure if I understood it quite well! This is just too much for my brain. Forgive me for my brain is running low on RAM. This is too much like Anatomy except for the IT department.

    Much Love,

    That’s okay. Thanks for stopping by anyway. 😉 Have a good day, and upgrade that RAM!

  5. This was a nice little break in my afternoon. Hilarious! Sorry, I’m not so much laughing at you as laughing with you. I mean, you are laughing, right…

    I’m glad you survived and I hope things are back to business as usual!

    Well, thanks, hon! I am, in fact, back to “normal” — whatever that means for a horror writer. 😉

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