A Decent Sci-Fi Movie, Finally

7 thoughts on “A Decent Sci-Fi Movie, Finally”

  1. Psychatrists have to be in sci-fi films to discredit the profession as a whole. Thank you very much Mr. Travolta.

    If you want good science fiction, I’ve got one word for you: Futurama.

    It’s top notch sci-fi, and it’s funny. The love story is well thought out as well. The voice acting is incredible and after around one hundred stories or so, the small details that make sci-fi what it is remain pretty darn consistent. Anything that needs explaining is explained properly.

    Much as I love Futurama, sometimes I want my Sci-Fi less Groening.

  2. I can’t imagine a creepier ending than the one in the ’70s version: Donald Sutherland opening his mouth and emitting that horrible screeching noise, confirming that he’s been got, so will our heroine be, and so shall we all. *shudders*

    I know. This one not only left the happy ending in but RIGHTED all the evil the aliens did. It was almost Disney-esque. Very unsatisfying, I thought.

  3. While Invasion was entertaining for the most party, it did lack some of the movie props and suspense of the the original and its later remake. Hollywood seems to prefer to remake older well done movies rather than seek out newer scripts of the same genre. There’s no shortage of outstanding science fiction authors and their books so is the powers that be in Hollywood unwilling to seek out new subjects for their movies. Check out my recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. It’s a romantic action adventure in space.

    Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I agree, there’s a recycle of old scripts that goes on rather than taking serious initiative to produce new ones. I wish it would stop so we’d have new movies again. 🙂

  4. I just saw this one recently too and wrote a similar review. I also felt insulted by the neat little fix up at the end. There was nothing eerie, nothing spooky, and nothing particularly enjoyable about this version. What peril is anyone actually in, if the human race essentially makes no sacrifices by the end? Even the superficial Independence Day blew up New York and Washington D.C. I expect a little humility and some damn originality in this kind of movie. It offered none.

    Hey, Heather, thanks for stopping by and sounding off. You’re right, the ending leaves the whole movie flat in the viewer’s mouth like old soda pop. It started the strongest of them, and ended the worst. It was too bad; they really had something going there for a minute.

  5. Don’t know this movie, I absolutely don’t like sci-fi movies but I give ’em a chance once in a while! I gave War Of The Worlds a chance, I think it’s a nice movie too. I especially like the special effects.

    WotW was a great movie. I liked the older version too. I love Sci-Fi, though.

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