Library Woes

12 thoughts on “Library Woes”

  1. A couple days ago I ventured back into a bookstore for the first time in a while. I find bookstores, in the long run, are cheaper than libraries. I haven’t returned a book to the library before the due date since I was in grade eight. I’ve amassed library fines all over the place. Buying the book, for me anyways, is cheaper.
    Horror, don’t really know if horror’s my bag. I’m too slow and oblivious a reader to get scared by text on a page.

    Well, there’s that … I’ve always thought that too … but then, there’s the overall tone, mood, the lingering thoughts and images. Pet Sematary is a good example.

    I thought I’d get into some science fiction. Right now, I’m trying out Heinlein. Basically a result of a series of internal coin flips between him, Clarke and Bradbury. I’m gonna skip Asimov, I already know the robot did it.

    I’ve tried SciFi so many times and I just. can’t. do. it. *Sigh*

  2. No one really drops money for Libraries anymore nowadays. Well, that’s the case in here. Our bookstores which are run by private owners are much more successful.

    No one here HAS money to donate to libraries anymore; bookstores aren’t much better off though.

    Not big on the Horror department. More on General Fiction, History and Culture, blah blah lol. Meyer vampires? Everybody seemed crazy with her Twilight thing, I find it too lousy. I only got to read the first book and I was struggling to finish it! I got through the half of the second book but I just can’t take the lousiness anymore. It’s a book for simple minds, I think.

    Yeah, I don’t know of anyone who’d classify Twilight as “horror”. It’s mostly classified as YA romance, I think; YA paranormal romance … or trash.

  3. How about Neil Gaiman? Some of his stuff is fantasy/horror. Coraline scared my daughter so badly she refuses to see the movie. Granted, she’s 10… Wish I was more horror-ific for ya.

    I want to see Coraline so bad! And yeah, I’ll check Coraline out if I can find it. Thanks!

    Our library is part of a network, and we are supposed to be able to request books through their website, though I’ve never been able to figure out how to work it. Do they have something like that at your library?

    I don’t know. And if it DOES do that, like you, I’d have to figure out how to work it. It might be worthwhile.

  4. Jonathan Maberry and Richard Matheson

    Matheson is known for I Am Legend but he has a lot of other works!!

    You already said Maberry! Say it again and I’ll NEVER READ IT!! 😉 (Besides, the library doesn’t have him; the only Matheson they had is “Legend” and I’ve read it already.)

  5. Knyt …

    Dont make me lose my temper with you..quit with the dam horror are 2 books that will change your life

    Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
    Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom

    I promise read these books and you will look at your life differently…Zman promises then sends

    Okay, Zman, I’ll check those out. But I’m never quittin’ horror. It’s my first love. And that’s what I write, brutha. So I’m in to the fin, y’know? 😉

  6. Seeing as how I’m a self-professed voracious book nerd, here’s my secrets to finding good authors without having to purchase their stuff unread at expensive bookstores (as you found out the hard way with Brian Keene & Borders).

    I’m willing to give Keene a second chance from the LIBRARY. His first chapter was sort of good. It’s much later in the dog I have that the fleas became evident.

    1). Go to your local bookstore with a pad of paper and a pen. Leave your wallet in the car (trust me on this one). Browse the fiction aisles looking for ‘cool books.’ I’m a visual person and sometimes the book covers draw me in first. Yeah yeah, leave out the comments about judging a book by its cover, yadda yadda yadda. Flip through books that interest you – maybe skim the first chapter. PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF. Then write the author’s name, title of the book, and any others in the series down in your handy notebook. Go back home, fire up ye olde computer and teach yourself how to use the book request feature at your local library.

    Okay, that’s fine; but the “new fiction” section of our library has stuff from H. P. Lovecraft. Odds: Not good.

    2). suggestions. Go to Amazon – plug in the title of one of the books you have enjoyed. Scroll down that book’s page and you’ll see a section called, “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.” There’s a ton of books that are similar to the one you just searched for and there may be a new author or series there that you weren’t aware of before. Again, ignore anything Brian Keene.

    Scroll down further on the page and there will be “Communities” listed on the right side. I used Patient Zero for this example – there are communities listed for Zombie, Horror, and Thriller. If I click on the Horror Community it brings up the Home Page, Products (ie – horror books and movies you can scroll through), Discussions (What horror novel got you into the genre?), Lists & Guides (lists of books – what more do you need?), and Images.

    Back to the Patient Zero book site… scroll down even FARTHER and there’s the Listmania section, which details lists of books people have put together that are somehow related to Patient Zero (or horror, or whatever book you chose). You can also search the listmania sites.

    Warning – you can get LOST going from link to link to link. Sometimes that’s the best way to get to a new book though.

    This is a good idea, actually. I’ll have to surf Amazon a little, see what I find. Interesting.

    Again, use the book request feature at your local library.

    Those are my two best tips… try those out and I’ll give you more.

    AWESOME suggestions! You RAWK!

  7. P.S. I’m in the process of reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and I like ’em, but they’re more brain candy for me. Plots aren’t exactly substantive, but they’re fun reading. I think you would make it through a few chapters and want to hurl it against the wall.

    I should try one. My friend is such a fan, and she’s shown nothing but fine taste. I ought to at least try one.

    What’s the name of your local yokel library? I can do some top secret ninja warrior research for you.

    We’ll discuss in email. 😉

  8. That’s ok darcknyt. I’m finally over it. As a matter of fact, I have a confession.

    I really don’t read a lot of zombie fiction.


    There, I said it. That feels good.

    Good! But … I have to admit, I’m a little stunned.

    If you like non-fruity urban fantasy, you should check out the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. They contain demon summoning, ghosts, werewolves (of three varieties), vampires, and one hard boiled wizard-for-hire. The first book is called Storm Front.

    Sounds like it’s worth a look. Thanks!

  9. Oh, and to answer your real question, have you read all the “classic” literary horror stuff – Harry James’s “Turn Of The Screw”, Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelly?

    Have read Shelly, Stoker, Poe, Lovecraft, but can’t find James’s “Screw”. I’ve looked, but I can’t find it. I’ll have to see about requesting it.

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