C.o.C.: Hardbody

7 thoughts on “C.o.C.: Hardbody”

  1. Kind of a public place to be talking about ogling women. A certain somebody might read this, ya know. I’m not going to name names here.

    Oh, I told her as soon as I got home. No secrets here. In fact, I might’ve told her on the phone on my way home. I have no fear of honesty, dude. And my wife knows if I even THINK about doing any more than LOOKING she’d castrate me. No fear of honesty, MUCH fear of the Bobbitt treatment!

    1. WIGFS – Ppfft, he never “ogles” the way you think of ogling. He sees, he notes, he moves on. I’m not so dumb as to believe he became blind just because he married me. Marriage makes us legally bound to loyalty and monogamy, but not blind. And for the record, we’re both quite content and happy with that legal binding. 🙂

      We both have our “eye candy” people, so it’s no big.

      1. You can’t let a guy’s eyes wander. There isn’t much behind those eyes. We’re weak. We lack self-control.

        What’s this “we” stuff? 😉

      2. WIGSF – LOL Like I could control his eyes! And even if I could, what would that say about me? God forbid I ever need to stoop to that level in my marriage! No, the control is his, by choice, by love.

        And his eyes don’t “wander.” We can see beautiful people and think, “Wow, what a beautiful person!” and that’s the end of it, just like you might notice a great painting or a lovely flower. It’s simple appreciation of the beauty, not a ravening, lusting drool. That is reserved for one another. 😀

  2. Another nice one, at least your wife didn’t spank you or anything LOL. Ah well, you guys have a good relationship, I can tell! 😛

    Yep, we have a strong marriage, and it’s been tested, believe me. 🙂

  3. Another great entry, keep at these or better yet string them together into a funny story that won’t be true but you’ll be able to insist was.

    (That’s an idea I came up with years ago while skydiving naked with Cindy Crawford…)

    Oh, yeah, I remember that skydiving trip. The one with Cindy and Christy Brinkley and Jenna Jameson … yeah.

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