WTF with RPG’rs?

8 thoughts on “WTF with RPG’rs?”

  1. Some people when unhappy with life look for an escape. For many that has been in the world of RPGs. The dreamed up worlds allow them to be someone that does NOT have the day in and day out problems that they do.

    I can understand that, believe me.

    It all started with D&D but there were other games. ShadowRun was one that I enjoyed greatly and played while I was in the Navy. I played it to help the time go by but NEVER extended past the bosun’s locker where we played. I do believe some people go to such great extents to escape that the game world begins to override their real existence. That appears to be the people you are running into. They can’t seem to draw the line at play and reality. Actually that is kind of where the whole Goth movement came from. I don’t remember the game but it was a live RPG involving Vampires.

    Actually, I think D&D is just the most famous of them; but there’s clearly a problem with reality/fantasy in this case, no question. As for Goths … they go way back. Much farther than “Magick” or “Magique” or whatever it was. 😉

    Unfortunately the people you are referring to are the same type of people that killed themselves when their character died in D&D. I can remember a kid that killed himself because his dwarven warrior was killed.

    Ouch. That’s a pity. Really, how tragic.

    I think in the long run it is just escapism. They can’t deal with reality so they assume the game persona and live it’s life also.

    I agree. And what does that say about their psyche? How sad.

  2. Some people are just weird. Sure there are psychologists and grad students out there looking to classify some weirdness as a disorder or a personality trait, but deep down, that’s just a clutch for the psyches own self worth. It really has nothing to do with the weird person.

    If you are unable to deal with a person’s weirdness, you shouldn’t have to (unless and heaven forbid your kids become weird people) deal with them if you don’t want to. You can pick your friends. If your friends are weird, pick new ones.

    This goes for every type of relationship. In the blog world, I have blogfriends, right? Sometimes I meet blogpeople with blogpersonalities that I find either weird or morally reprehensible. I chose to not blog with them anymore.

    It’s easier to cut off an internet relationship than a real one, but whatever. If a friendship, any friendship was meant to continue, it would.

    I’m rambling.

    Not at all. Everything you’ve stated is perfectly clear, and true and right. I think life’s too short to hang around with time thieves and vampires looking to emotionally drain you (got that expression from The Practical Slayer). If the relationship isn’t fulfilling and satisfying for both people, give it the heave-ho. Good advice, WIGSF.

  3. Some people would rather be anyone but themselves, or they lack the courage to do in real life what they pretend to do in these RPG’s. Whatever the reason, you can participate, play along or not go there as you choose and a real friend will be fine with whatever you decide is best for you.

    This particular person showed me how delicate the word “friend” can be, how tenuous a title and how easily cast off. Never too old to learn, I suppose.

  4. Ok I guess I joined the conversation halfway through…

    What are RPG’s – My world they mean Rocket Propelled Grenade’s Dont think they mean the same…

    What do you mean Super Villain ..Is that their blog cover….and is that part of the game…..

    anyways..hows the job search hope all is well and things are looking up for you …Zman

    Hey, Zman — yeah, RPG is different in your world than on the Internet. RPG in this context is “Role Playing Game”. Heh. Slightly different. 😀

    Superheroes keep their identities secret to protect their loved ones from their foes — Super-villains. I.e., villains with superpowers.

    And the job front MIGHT be improving. Time will show, but thanks for the encouragement bud! God bless and hope you’re feeling well!

  5. There was a time I love playing videogames (I still like it a bit today). Like you know, I stay up really late just playing. Especially RPGs as it is my favorite genre! You get to feel for the characters because a lot of them are just like us in real life, portraying real human emotions. That’s what made me appreciate the genre.

    I don’t understand the ones who apply it to their lives, though. Some people, due to the obsession of a certain character in the game, pattern their attitudes and the way they look after these favorite characters.

    And some people are just really weird.

    I’ve suspected the last thing you said here for a long time now.

  6. Well if you’ve read my work you know that I not only have played role playing games since I was around 13, I was even involved in the writing of one or two of them.

    I read your work, but wasn’t sure how much was fictional or not. I only saw one scene in HA&PB that indicated anything like this, however. It was disturbingly familiar.

    I have met some of the best friends I ever had via the hobby and also encountered some people as angry as a box full of flatulent rattlesnakes.

    What smells as bad as a rattlesnake fart, I asks ya?

    I think an RPG can be a lot of fun, an amusing bit of “improvisational radio theater” as some have called it. You and a group of friends can create a story that will only be yours and yours alone. I could try and tell you the story of Thad the cleric and Killjoy the mad but it ultimately is like trying to capture an explain a dream.

    I can only imagine. A dweam wifin a dweam, to quote a favorite movie.

    That same aspect may also be one of the downsides of the hobby. If life is too hard or miserable you might find yourself retreating into that ‘other life’ more and more.

    There may be some of that with this individual; but it wasn’t true at the time. Not that I could tell. I think her brain’s just … broken.

    Let me quote you something from one of my own tales… “Why ever be out of character? It’s so much nicer in there. Player characters don’t have problems with girlfriends and jobs and a rash that just won’t go away…”

    But “he” (the character) DOES have trouble with girlfriends. For a guy who’s supposedly immortal and about 54 chronological years old, he’s about 15 between the ears and emotionally, which sort of kills the whole “lived a lot, seen a lot” quality of such a character, doesn’t it? If you carry the same issues into the character as you have in your own real life, what’s the point?

  7. Well, at least the other person does not also pretend that she is a man. That would make it even more convoluted and weird.

    True … but not by much. 😉

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