What’s YOUR Standard?

8 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Standard?”

  1. In that last story we discussed, the dialect wasn’t as heavy-handed as it had been in previous works, so I guess you’re improving in that regard. Thanks for the compliment on my beta skills. Can I use you as a reference? lol

    Thanks, you’re welcome, and sure — soon as you find someone who cares what I think. 😉

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my story. Did you know TATER BUGS was my first published work back in the day?

    You’re welcome and no, I didn’t, but you DID mention it was an older piece. I enjoyed the premise and the nod to Lovecraft.

    When it comes to actually grammar and English I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a bit. Maybe because I failed English all through high school.

    What?? You?? Pants-seat flying?? NOOOOOOOOO! (Who doesn’t to some degree?) 😉

    I do my best to edit and proofread and edit some more but I always seem to miss something. What is the old saying? “Art is never finished only abandoned?”

    If I may — because I passed all my English courses in high school with flying colors and nearly majored in it in college — one of the weaknesses I see consistently in your work is comma use. You’re averse to them, which can be fine, but sometimes it means re-structuring the sentences you have to better work without them. Still, I don’t know any writers — in print or not — who don’t have their share of weaknesses. Some of them use “that” instead of “which”, or use it when it doesn’t belong at all (“that” points out a particular item or object), some of them use too many adverbs, some use purple prose, etc. So welcome to being human Al. I find your writing enjoyable (I’m still waiting for the horror aspect of your online serials but they may not be horror stories, I just realized) and it’s not the worst executed stuff I’ve ever read. (Believe me!) And, being perfect and flawless in my own writing, I can say these things with authority and certainty. 😉

    (I.e., don’t worry about it. 😀 )

  3. Misspellings and netspeak in fiction.

    i.e. Bardok-Ranflat the dwarf spoke, “That wuz k3wl. L8r!!!!”

    You’ve gotta be kidding. You’ve seen this? I could just cry …

    And yes, I know I should work on my own spell checking.

    That’s true for ALL of us. Which is why we call for typo alerts from readers. 🙂

    Also, when a story starts out with a bunch of random information thrown in, my brain clicks off. (too much exposition)

    One of my worst habits. I do it way too much.

    i.e. Steve brushed his teeth and thought about the BrainBarn, which is a secret government installation where they study telekinesis and next-gen weaponry and a door that scans your eyeball and your fingernail cuticles and if those fail the test you get ‘erased’, then got dressed in his uniform.

    Yeah, “disguised” info dumps. I thought these were a joke until I saw them in print. I have no idea whether I’ve done it lately or not, but man, I hope not.

    Thanks for coming by, B!

  4. Oh and IN THE SHADOW OF HIS NEMESIS is a horror novel… or a dark fantasy novel if you will… I think you will see that tomorrow.

    Heh Heh Heh…

    I think it’s starting to get there, with the story turning the way it has.

  5. My Standard is this – Try to read Darc Knyt whole post without

    1. Passing out and banging my head
    2. Without looking something up
    3. Without having to pack a lunch

    I learn therefore I read…its that simple and that profound…Zman sends

    Glad to help keep ya on your toes, Steve. 😉

  6. I have zip zero zilch to add to this post since I’m not all that into editing. I’ll read anything, including the shampoo bottle if it’s the only thing handy. I told you, I’m a voracious reader.

    Okay, fair enough; but let’s face it, isn’t it easier to read something you don’t have to translate first? Do you correct mistakes in your head as you go? You have a standard you’re looking for whether you admit it or not … so what is it?

    One quick question… how long as the tagline, “Don’t be afraid of the Darc” been on your blog?? Am I late to the party?

    Very. Been there the whole time. Maybe you don’t notice it as much when the theme’s busier? And I bet some themes don’t show the subtitle/tagline.

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