Super-Secret Mission

6 thoughts on “Super-Secret Mission”

  1. Now I want to know what you did different this time. Oh, and I took a test for the editor position. It was fun.

    I made a different decision. Nothing more. Tell us about the test!

  2. I love jobs where I have to colour little circles. Sure beats working a real job.

    Jobs doing that? Fine. TESTS doing that? Not good to give to a slightly OCD person such as moi. Not good at all.

  3. I spent a summer testing people with little oval circles. It’s not too much fun on the other side either.

    I’d rather take that end, if it’s all the same and being offered. I know the reason I couldn’t finish a better portion of the stupid test — which I wasn’t having much trouble with, content-wise, that I know of — is because those STUPID OVALS have to be filled in just so. Being slightly OCD didn’t help any. At all.

  4. There are many things in life we can’t control; one thing we do control is the level of our effort. As long as we make the effort, good things will happen. Best wishes.’

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I appreciate it!

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