28 Weeks Later

8 thoughts on “28 Weeks Later”

  1. “zombie fiction running around”??? Really? I would have thought the zombie fiction was getting around, not really running though. Just sort of stepping forward at a slow but steady pace.

    Yeah, you heard me. Running. Not shambling, not shuffling, not sashaying. Those f**kers were running, period. And screaming. Running and screaming, like Mel Gibson as William Wallace.

  2. We actually left the theaters when we saw 28 Days Later and didn’t even bother with 28 Weeks Later. Not the best typification (is that even a word?) of a zombie movie. Sorry you wasted your time watching that celluloid 🙂

    So am I, believe me. 😦

  3. Yea, I usually can watch this weird stuff…But I passed on this one too…..seemed too crazy.

    Not terribly crazy. Boring, yes; predictable, yes; incredibly lame, yes; but not weird, unfortunately. Weird, I’d’ve been okay with.

  4. How long will they keep making and remaking the exact same zombie film?

    As long as they keep making and remaking the exact same romantic comedy.

    You got me with this.

    As long as they keep making and remaking the exact same courtroom drama.

    I disagree. There can be enough interesting plot twists and ancillary characters and sub-plots to keep this alive and moving well. Doesn’t have to be routine. John Grisham, dude. John Frickin’ Grisham.

    As long as they keep making and remaking the exact same inspirational sports team movie.

    All sports movies except the original Rollerball are lame, period. There is no good way to simulate sports, especially contact sports.

    Hollywood’s a business, and fans of any genre keep paying to see the exact same story with different actors. They have no good reason to change things around too much. It might scare off the customers.

    See, I’m not sure I agree. I pay to be entertained, not to see the same ol’ same ol’ every time. I think there’s room for variety, and I don’t think zombies should be an exception.

    1. I think the reason they keep making formulaic movies is for the newest generation. All kids think their generation is seeing everything for the first time. That doesn’t end until they start seeing their old movies and songs being remade. And by then they’re not in the target demographic so they don’t matter anymore. (Can you tell I’m bitter?)

      Ah, but for our generation, we were the first to see those formulaic scripts, so that’s not necessary to make a good movie. The ones which aren’t formulaic are big hits … aren’t they? And look at the movies which came before our generation. They certainly weren’t formulaic. Isn’t it time we got back to the good stuff?

  5. ^ shambles! Thank you. I never quite know the right word to describe how a zombie walks. I can imitate it, just can’t describe it, you know, with words.

  6. ahhhhhhh!!!

    I have to butt in because this always pisses me off!

    28 Days/Weeks Later aren’t zombie movies!!!

    Okay, i’m better now 🙂

    First, welcome, Frank! Second … okay, you’re the first person I’ve ever seen make that statement. If they’re not zombies, what are they?

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