“Why’s it Gotta Be Like This?”

4 thoughts on ““Why’s it Gotta Be Like This?””

  1. Sounds like a good mantra. When I get stressed about things I can’t control, I tell myself “everything’s fine” over and over. Helps a lot for some reason. Maybe because, you know, everything really is fine. As long as I’m alive there’s hope for tomorrow.

    Well, I can’t go so far as to say everything’s fine, but I can minimize griping this way. Hey, I must be “going green” — fewer carbon emissions with my mouth shut.

  2. Benecio Del Toro has a great similar line in The Usual Suspects. I think he said “Why you gotta go and say that?” or something like that. But if you’ve seen the movie, then you know how Benecio talks in that movie. Next to Pacino, that’s the best way to talk.

    I like the way Glum talked. Remember him?

  3. Deadliest Catch one of my fav shows, I think the comment was more sarcasm considering the job they do….whining is for quitters thats just me though…Zman sends

    Yeah, absolutely. No quit in those guys, and it was clear on the episode the comment was tongue-in-cheek. I liked it, though. Hope you’re doing all right, Steve.

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