Tactile Gratification in Writing

7 thoughts on “Tactile Gratification in Writing”

  1. Changing to hand writing helped me temporarily. I’m very happy to hear you actually enjoyed writing. I know you’ve been struggling.

    Thanks, Sugar. I’ve got about 15 handwritten pages of notes now, but a normal person with nice writing might condense that down more. And it has been enjoyable.

  2. Somewhere in between handwriting and the computer is the happy medium that trumps both. It is the typewriter.

    I haven’t used a typewriter since high school. The mandatory grade nine typing class every student was forced to take. My year was the final year that course was administered on the typewriter.

    The sound of the letters being pressed onto the sheet of paper and the carriage returning was really cool. I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the class who thought that. Don’t care though. It was cool dammit.

    A week ago I was at a supplier picking up some machine parts. The receptionist there was still using a typewriter. As I waited for my order to be processed, I just stood there and listened to the typewriter sounds.

    But, to look at that situation from another perspective. I was at a company which tries to sell me the newest “state-of-the-art” manufacturing technology and they still employ the use of a typewriter. It’s been a while since a typewriter was state-of-the-art.

    Yes, I agree — the typewriter is a great tool for writing. Problem is, you have to be VERY sure you’re not making mistakes, which might slow things down even more than writing by hand. Still, it’s got a similar, visceral appeal as the letters are smashed onto the page, and INTO the paper. I loved typewriters. Maybe manuals more than electrics.

    1. If you make typos on a typewriter it doesn’t matter because you have to re-type it into the computer anyway, right?

      Heh. I guess nowadays, yeah. At one time that meant re-doing the whole shebang. Ugh.

  3. I love writing with paper and pen/pencil, especially for all my initial novel planning and any spots/scenes that hang me up. My thoughts flow more freely.

    I think I’m going to become that way myself. It’s been a very cool experience. The problem right now is, I can’t just open a separate file and throw random thoughts in it like I can on a computer. I’ve been doing things in their order, afraid to lose the ideas, but unable to jump ahead. No copy/paste functions with pen/paper. 🙂

  4. I am doing better. Thank you for your good thoughts. Definately struggling with stuff, but overall better. Thanks for your words, they always cheer me up.

    PS my penmenship is terrible. That is why I love typing! 🙂

    Mine’s bad too. But this rawks lately. Helps a lot with my writer’s block.

  5. knyt …

    hope things are good with you…i started to read and woke up just in time to read the end of the post…hahahhha….i love the old school typewriters..they have character…Zman sends

    Yeah, they do. So much character, they can actually be used as forensic evidence. Gotta love that.

  6. Writing is about capturing the feeling of the moment. This is something typing can’t replicate.

    P.S. My handwriting is an art within itself–a sort of abstract art. Unfortunately, no one seems to appreciate it.

    Regrettably, Picassos must die to be seen for their genius. I know you’ll do far better, however. 😉

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