Final Destination

9 thoughts on “Final Destination”

  1. Maybe would could work together and write a new horror flick!! At least we get the concept of disturbing!

    Now all we need is a Hollywood connection! Know anyone? 😉

  2. Well I can’t say I liked it now, can I? I will anyway. I thought they caught the tongue-in-cheek tone perfectly. But this is nothing new. I’m not sure we’ve ever agreed on a movie.

    Oh hush. We agree on plenty of movies. Cloverfield most recently. So ppppbbbbbbttt!!

    Every time you say you “sat through” a movie, I think it was bad. Then sometimes it turns out you liked it. Keeps me guessing.

    Well, I don’t STAND to watch them, now do I? 😉 (Most times they ARE bad; occasionally I get a win. 😀 )

  3. Proof that the Devil has more power the that guy in the sandals with the long beard: there have been a couple of sequels to Final Destination.

    I know; I think they’re up to something like four or six. Gimme a break. And if you want to talk that way about the bearded carpenter from Nazareth, make sure you do it FAAAAAAAAR away from me … well out of lightning strike range.

  4. I think I’ll skip that one.

    The last movie I saw was The Pool, set in Goa. It was a pretty cool movie, although not scary at all.

    Hm. I’ve not even heard of that one. Surprise, surprise … I don’t do foreign films, unless they really grab me for some reason. But let us know if you find something cool and scary, even if it’s by accident, okay Sparky? May I call you Sparky? I’ve been resisting the urge, but I cave on Fridays.

  5. I’ve no thoughts on Final Destination since I’m never going to watch it. How about a movie where Death runs away from people? So, instead of Death coming after teenagers who try to cheat it, we could have suicidal teens where, I don’t know, Death pushes mattresses under the window, breaks the rope, jams the gun, and puts sugar pills in the bottle. Teens get mad at Death and try to get Death. Okay, I don’t suppose that is a horror movie, but it would be odd.

    This is why I don’t write scripts.

    You know what? I’ve seen worse movies than the one you just described. I say go for it … write it. They will come.

  6. Okay, if you need an idea for a post, I’ve got a question. Why do people like horror anyway? Or what separates people who like from people who don’t? Taking into account an earlier comment–is it a question of strong bowels or something else? Since you watch and write horror, you ought to have some insight into this–right?

    You’d think … right? Well, I can tackle that in a post — I’ve asked about the NATURE of horror, but I don’t think I’ve probed WHY people like it — but I think it has to do with why people like roller coasters and skydiving (both incredibly stupid activities to me). But, that is an excellent idea for a post. For me, I like the edge-o’-the-seat feeling when a good horror movie is generating suspense, adrenaline and fear, and tension. Other types of movies can do that too, but I like the fear factor best, I guess. I like being scared. I have no idea when I decided that. But with movies and books, I’m scared from the safety of my couch and living room rather than free falling from a plane with a table cloth strapped to my back as my only hope of survival. That make sense?

  7. Now see, your summation sounds like a really good premise for a scary movie. It is probably a lot like what the screenwriter(s) pitched to the studio. However, being Hollywood and all, the director had to go for the over the top effects that in the end just made the movie stupid.

    If the kid had a panic attack and got off the exploding plane today, it would be a totally different movie. Ha!

    Definitely. This one is JUST PRIOR to 9/11. Can you imagine that scenario now? Yeah, a different movie for sure.

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