Journey Back, Cont’d

10 thoughts on “Journey Back, Cont’d”

  1. If I had a dime for all the old men I’ve hit with pop cans…Well, I never did that, but my teenage antics included some equally unsavory, stupid, unthinking, uncaring stuff. Unfortunately, it’s what teenagers do. Honestly? I think driver’s licences should be issued at 17 or 18. Give them a little time do develop that decision-making frontal lobe.

    The older I get, the more I lean toward people not being allowed to do ANYthing until they’re 30. *Sigh*

    Forgiving you for this transgression reminds me to forgive myself for my own.

    Oh, I never forgave myself. That’s not in my power to do; I’d need the old gent’s forgiveness, but that’s not going to happen. So I suppose confessing will have to do.

  2. wow my friend. That takes a lot of courage and poise to write that. A great read and even stronger moment for you.

    Thanks, Ben. I appreciate that. It’s better to get it out than bottle it in somehow, but I still wish I could apologize to that guy in person, y’know?

    1. I have some similar stuff in my past but I know there is no way that person would ever see it or know. I can commiserate with your discomfort.

      Oh, that it were just ONE! I have a ton of ’em.

  3. All that for a can of pop throw at some guy’s head. Sorry man, but I was expecting a better ending than that. Gimme a car accident or something. I need some broken glass, spilled blood, something. That’s some pretty mundane stuff you got there.

    Okay, next time I’ll make it a drive-by shooting. Will that work? 😉

    1. Yeah. Even in my incredibly uneventful life, I’ve got a story where a nearly full tallboy gets thrown at a cop.

      I have one about a cop getting soaked trying to give some slob a ticket beside a huge puddle. It’s not a tallboy, but it was funny.

  4. I love your writing. Describing the attacker as a “mayonnaise sculpture” – that’s brilliant!

    Thank you, thank you! My wife was fond of that too. 🙂

    If it makes you feel any better, I once (at age 14) stole money from a helpless old lady. I didn’t mug her, but she was paying me to buy her groceries and I put something for myself in with the order. If I’d gotten away with it I’d have done it again. She caught the extra item on the bill. I wrote it off to cashier error (so compound the theft with lying). Only now do I realize how horrible my behaviour was. Teenagers just don’t get it.

    No, they certainly don’t. I wish I had my teen years — especially between 16 and 19 — to do over again with what I know now. Who doesn’t, I guess, right?

  5. Of course I did thoughtless things too. Who didn’t? (Not that it excuses/forgives everyone–but we are all in this together). But your story reminded me of this incident–

    That’s a scary story! YIKES!

    You wrote this well and it took courage–as all good and honest writing does. I like to think we can all be forgiven for our stupidity if we learn from it.

    Thank you very much. And, I certainly hope I learned something. I pray better for my own son.

  6. Great storytelling!!

    Thankee-sai! 🙂

    It reminds me of an incident back when I was in my 20s. Same sort of deal…teenagers in a car, but they doored a bicycler and knocked him ass over end. The police asked him if he saw anything and his response was, “Yeah, grass.”


    Sometimes I think we should live our lives in reverse, start out old and fragile and end as teenagers. We might have a little more respect that way.

    Youth is definitely wasted on the young, no two ways about it.

  7. This was so well done, so well written and had so much damn heart.

    A work worthy of note and remembrance.

    Kudos sir, kudos.

    Thank you, Al. I appreciate that. It means a lot when other writers enjoy my writing.

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