Finally! A “Not Bad” Movie

5 thoughts on “Finally! A “Not Bad” Movie”

  1. My weekend was pretty forgettable–more research work. 😦

    Well, I hope you’re at least researching something interesting … though it doesn’t sound like it.

  2. Family Guy – Volume 7 Cinematic Masterpiece I tell you…..or try Johhny Depp in From Hell great flic…..short post didnt need a nap i like it…Zman sends

    Hm. I haven’t heard of that Depp film. I’ll see if my wife has. Thanks.

  3. Don’t need to drone on about my weekend anymore than to say it started with being attacked by two dogs and ended with a nice big spat with my 6 year old. Disappointing dinner club in between.

    I was sorry to hear things didn’t go as you’d hoped. I was rootin’ for ya.

    In this mood I don’t even want to watch Johnny Depp.

    Yeah, I need to be in the mood for him too. My wife? Not so much.

    As far as movies go–watching Grosse Pointe Blank. Love that. I think I’m really more John Cusack than Johnny Depp.

    GPB was fun, but I couldn’t choke it down more than once. I like John Cusack a lot too. He’s a decent actor. 🙂

  4. Okay, I stopped reading when you mentioned Richard Gere.

    Too bad. It’s not a bad movie. I don’t like him either, but this was decent, and I don’t say that often.

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