Blind Leading the Blind

14 thoughts on “Blind Leading the Blind”

  1. Best movie Julianne Moore will ever make is Evolution. Basically, it’s like Ghostbusters, but versus aliens instead of ghosts. Very fun, very very funny movie. I very much enjoyed it. I suggest it to anybody and everybody.

    Wow. You LIKED “Evolution”? I’m through with you, man. Ha.

    Seriously, though, I hated Evolution. And The Forgotten, and Freedomland … Jeez, pretty much anything I’ve ever seen her in, frankly. She’s just not a great actress.

    1. Who can trust your taste in film anyways, you didn’t like Die Hard.

      That POS stunk like a flatulent skunk! Pew!

  2. I dislike Julianne Moore. Gives me the creeps, big time.

    Did you ever see that movie Mask, with Eric Stolz, or Stoltz, or whatever the heck his name is? Where he’s a deformed kid? True story? Well, there’s a scene where he spots himself in a funhouse mirror and sees what he might’ve looked like if he weren’t deformed. And you know what? Julianne Moore looks JUST. LIKE. THAT.

    Yeah. Creepy.

    You’re funny. “I’d recommend the trailer highly.” lol

    I’m serious! Trailer: Great! Movie: Crap. 🙂

  3. Julianne Moore looks like Eric Stoltz? I’m trying to map their faces onto each other… Now I want to watch Mask again so I can see that scene.

    I say true, I say thankya. Her face shivers me timbers every time.

    Yeah, the Literati can be pretty tiresome. It’s all about congratulating themselves on how clever they are. But I’m not impressed. :-pppppp What’s the good in being clever if you’re a silly snob?

    I wish I knew. Literati are snobs, but not necessarily clever. Just self-important, and they LOVE to sit around in judgment and condemn those who aren’t in their little clique. I’ve become quite good at it, actually. (J/K … I’m too dumb to be clever.)

  4. I watched the trailer for “The Matador” and it looked great. The movie was such a steaming pile of crap I couldn’t finish it. A few weeks ago I saw the trailer again and actually added it to my Netflix queue before I remembered the aforementioned pile of crap.

    Hehehe. Great description.

    Do film makers realize they have made a crap movie, then work really hard on the trailer? Or do they pay some other company to make the trailer to lure you in? If so, maybe they should pay the other company to make the movie.

    I know, what’s up with great trailers and crap movies??

    I’ve never much like Juliana Moore. She reminds me of an ugly redhead I went to school with.

    Well, you’re half right at least. I don’t know where she went to school, though.

  5. Now I want to see it just to see how bad it really is. Are you secretly promoting this movie? 😉

    Hehehe! No, no — no reverse psychology here! I’m just trying to get the word out about a really bad movie. Promise. 🙂

  6. Not all of Ms. Moore’s résumé is crap, I don’t think. But somewhere in there, yeah, it’s like she started listening to some drunk at a bar calling out suggestions to her: “Hey! You know, you should take Jodie Foster’s place as Clarice Starling! AWESOME!”

    Hehe. Good analogy. Yeah, that’s about how it seems, isn’t it? At least lately.

    I haven’t been stopping by here long enough to know how you feel about any of these, but I thought she was pretty good in The Big Lebowski, Far from Heaven, Boogie Nights, and Children of Men.

    I didn’t like Children of Men, and I thought her role in it was … well, a bit part. I didn’t see any of the other movies you mentioned, so I can’t say. Then again, the merits of an actor/actress are as subjective as one’s opinions of movies themselves. It is, after all, art. So I don’t mind dissension. On this THIS topic. 😉

    Now I’ve made a complete moron of myself, haven’t I? 🙂

    Not at all. Never fear. I call morons out pretty clearly. 😉 I’m just glad you stopped by.

  7. I don’t think any story ought to preach–don’t care what side of anything a person is on. So preachy movies make me crazy even if I agree with them. I haven’t, however, seen Blindness. I read a review (never saw the trailer) and while the review was good, it made me not want to see the movie. Sometimes glowing reviews turn me off. Go figure that.

    I can be the same way. I often REFUSE to see movies people are raving about. I have no idea why, except I’m contrarian. *Shrug* As for preaching … I guess it depends on WHAT the movie/book/art is preaching, I suppose. Mostly, with movies and books, I want to be entertained. If I want someone’s beliefs or opinions or a set of facts laid out for me, I’ll go to a non-fic basis. So entertain me, and don’t preach, because the odds are, I’m not going to get on board with the program anyway. Again, that’s just me.

    Oh, I really hope my writing is not preachy.

    Me too. Sorta. I guess. At least, not until I’m established/famous/wealthy enough to do that. 😉

    I’m always curious who the Literati are supposed to be. I mean, I hear this term, but I’m rarely sure who this includes. Since you want to be a writer I assume it isn’t all writers. Just wondering.

    Literati tend to be writers of literary fiction, and those who kiss their butts and tell them how fantastic they are and their writing is. They frown on people like me who stick to genre, plot-driven fiction. That’s not “art”, that’s tripe. ANY buffoon can do that. They hold their MFAs from Ivy League schools and have decided THEY and THEY alone are the arbiters of what is “quality” fiction and what isn’t. Often, they’ve published ONE book, maybe with marginal success, but they’re lauded and heralded as geniuses because they “get it” and they “allegorize it” for us. You know … us, the bleating sheep who can’t think for ourselves and don’t have the piercing, laser-honed insight to identify the … aw, hell with it. You’ve seen them on book backs and in magazines spouting their “wisdom”, and I’ll leave it at that. 😉

    Is that me? GOD IN HEAVEN I hope not, and hope it never will be. And you’re exactly right, it’s not ALL writers. Sometimes they’re not writers at all. Just critics.

  8. You just have not had a winning streak on finding any movies that you like lately. How about books? Are you having better luck with those?

    Marginally, but I’m always reticent to talk about books because there are so many better read individuals on my reader list. My focus is really narrow when reading, and I don’t want to hike up my skirt and show TOO much of my ignorance, y’know? 😉

  9. Hi, finally got caught up and can join the mutual conversation. From an admirer (not required or related), you are very good and very funny. We could easily do Siskell and Ebert. Obviously you haven’t seen Far From Heaven or The Hours. I’m for sure going to hear about it now. 🙂

    Well, thank you very much! At least SOMEone around here recognized talent when they see it! (Just kidding. I’m very appreciative of the kind words. 🙂 )

    1. Wait a minute Ebert, since I’m writing from beyond this world, what about the two movies I mentioned? 🙂

      Well, I have to find them first. So they go on my list of “to be seen” movies; but you had it right before — I’ve not seen them, so I can’t say. But believe me, if I do, I’ll probably start squawking one way or the other. 😉

  10. Forgot, what do you think about Hitchcock’s Vertigo?

    It’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve seen it … I think I was not yet ten years old last time I did. So I can’t recall much. But I loved Mel Brooks’s “High Anxiety”. 😀

  11. I know this is a movie review, or perhaps a trailer review? Anyway, what I can’t stop thinking about is my most dramatic friends and what a movie about them would be like. You are absolutely correct that with a certain number of friends even a bounced check would be dramatic and possibly entertaining. Maybe I should follow them around with a camera and make some trailers? At least spending my time with them I know I can count on some entertainment. 🙂

    😀 That’s funny. Yeah, I wish I could’ve recorded some of the things I went through over this last decade or so. I bet it’d be pretty funny now. 🙂

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