What If …

16 thoughts on “What If …”

  1. I think you just find Bill Curtis’ voice mesmerizingly sexy. His ads crack me up, especially the one where he’s so fast he steals Michael Phelps’ medals and swimming cap.

    The one with the boxer gave me a chuckle first time I saw it. And Bill Kurtis’s voice IS mesmerizing.

    WOW. Didn’t see that train wreck coming… can’t really picture LMSP doing that at her current age, but it’s certainly going to lead to disturbing “what ifs” as she gets older. Although, I *do* tease Ben that the reason I watch all those real life crime dramas is to do research on disposing of his body and getting away with it 😉

    Yeah, Fal takes notes. Hm. Should I worry?

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it past the first sentence yet….you watch Oxygen!!! Ha!!! Oh my God I’m going to bust a gut and die!!

    It’s a great show! 😛 I’m secure enough in my masculinity to watch a women’s network.

  3. “My name is DarcKnyt. I watch the Oxygen network. I am woman, here me roar.”

    One of us has been married twice, the last time for eleven years; the other of us is getting his first panic attacks ’cause he don’t know what to do with a girlfriend and is still in love with his right palm from high school. Which do you think has this right? HA.

    Oh, and by the way, it’s “hear”, not “here”. Sheesh.

  4. I think I would have to pinch myself really hard to wake myself up! (I tell my hubby not to mention that he watches Oxygen)

    I maintain I am secure enough in my masculinity to watch the Oxygen Network. And wear pink shirts when I feel like it.

  5. Okay people, for the record, the only show we watch on that channel is that one, and we didn’t even know what channel it was at first. And he only started watching the show because I watched it, and it’s good!

    Yep, there’s a reason I like the crime shows that focus on female killers … their problem was they killed too close to home. 😉

    Thanks for sticking up for me, love. But I can take it. 😉

  6. You never know unless you are there, but I think I’d call the police, call a lawyer, and hug the kid. Of course, it may well depend on what had been happening in then house in the weeks leading up to this. Perhaps the best plan would be to turn tail and run.

    After posting this, I realized I hadn’t offered enough specifics to really play out the scenario well. I hope I’d react as you say, but I can’t really know. God willing, I never WILL have to know. But turning tail to run would be one the table in the moment, for sure.

  7. My instinct would be to hide the body and help my child. Hopefully my brain would kick in before I did so, because I truly believe it’s better to face the consequences of your actions head-on, especially in a case like this. The odds are heavily against you getting away with it, and presumably, complete cooperation would inspire leniency of the court. So by forcing my kid to face the music, I’d actually be doing him/her a favor. That’s my philosophy, anyway.

    I was torn between two worlds. I’d already lost ONE loved one; do I lose the other to prison? Should I take the fall FOR the child (“I did it, it’s my crime, arrest me, bitches”)? Or do like Mapelba and call a lawyer, the cops, and then hug the child? It’s a tough thing as a parent. I didn’t understand the responses of the women on the show, however, wherein they tried to saddle the children with FULL blame … even if THEY were responsible (and the juries decided they were).

  8. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I am so glad you are watching it too! Isn’t it HILARIOUS. Hubby is afraid I might snap one day too! 🙂

    It’s a great show. Very well done, IMO. 🙂

    I did start tweeting….let’s hope I don’t go overboard 😉

    Be careful!

  9. Knyt

    Thankfully I have no children so I know at least that scenario would not happen. But I gotta say…if walked through the door and my soulmate was like that…I would knock down the city to get to the person or persons that did it…then i would torture then ever lovin shit out of them..then i would go to work on them…you are so morbid…geez lighten up..read a comic book..watch some comedy…cmon dude your bringin me down….zman sends with a smile

    I agree, because if the killer’s NOT the child, the decision’s easy. It’s having it be one of the kids that makes it so disturbing. But keep smilin’ anyway.

  10. I watch all of the real crime shows like that. I love the 48 hr evidence shows and I even watch the different shows about prisoners like Lock Up. I am a reality junkie when it isn’t the foo-foo stuff which I generally don’t like except for “So You Think You Can Dance?”.

    HA! One of these things is not like the others … 😀

    My favorite type of shows are cop shows. Love the Law and Order franchise but SUV is my favorite. I like the original CSI even though it isn’t too close to reality.

    Not even close. I’ve lost any stomach I may have had for CSI and such a long time ago. I still occasionally enjoy Criminal Minds though; also not close to reality.

    If one of my kids did in their dad I would call the cops and a lawyer but I would try to get to the bottom of “why?” Coming from my background, if my father had come near my children I probably do him in myself.

    I think I’d want to know why too, but I’d be in way too much shock to assimilate the information.

  11. Wow–what a post to come back to Mr. Darc!

    Glad I can entertain you!

    I think I’d probably collapse and leave the child with two dead parents.

    I know! How ’bout it?!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong/strange/funny with watching Oxygen and don’t understand the hoopla. Saying it’s a women’s network is just a marketing ploy, in my opinion. But that’s just me.

    Me too. Don’t know why it’s funny, but I only watch this show anyway, and only once in a while. Meh, to each their own I guess. 🙂

    I absolutely love Bill C’s voice and the true crime shows, as well as Law and Order. My favorite is SVU. I haven’t been watching much TV but if I did it would be a crime show. I wonder what that says about me? 😉

    I think it’s Bill K, actually, but YES, he has some of the greatest pipes in all television for narration, doesn’t he?! Awesome! And watching crime shows only means you’re like me. That’s not bad … is it?

  12. BTW, you were the subject of a late Friday night discussion. We had picked up Squishy at my sister’s and were taking the leisurely scenic road up the river way home.

    I told Ben that I didn’t see the last part of your post coming – What would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO!? (sorry, Die Hard reference) – and didn’t know what *I’d* do if I came home to that scene.

    Tough question isn’t it? One never really knows until one faces it, and God willing none of us ever will. 😉

    He looked over at me in the car and was like, “WTF are you talking about?” Apparently, he was serious that he couldn’t make it past the the first part of your post where you watched the Oxygen network. We had a good laugh about it.

    Ah well. I still don’t see why watching one show on that network is funny, but that’s just me. You know … the horror writer mentality, maybe. *Shrugs*

    Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

    Not bad at all! Same to you guys!

  13. Hey I watch the Oxygen network too… I like to watch DANCE YOUR ASS OFF when I’m alone and the lights are turned down low…

    And I do wonder about love and evil- what would you do if you knew someone you loved had done something evil or despicable?

    As you can see that thought occurs a lot in my fiction…

    Better in your fiction than in your life. 😉

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