Anyone Else Hate …?

9 thoughts on “Anyone Else Hate …?”

  1. I like my phone. But I lost the hands free, and I have a free upgrade coming up in about 6 weeks. So I am probably going to get a new one. Bobette and I were looking at phones online last night.

    I looked the other day, too. I didn’t see anything that looked like it would fit what I want. There was one, but I can’t tell. I’d have to have it in my hand and really feel it to know. Hope you have better luck! What kind of phone do you have now?

    1. Sony Ericsson 580i. It acts as a walkman. Gets fm radio.

      Oh, I see. I used to work for Sony back when they first acquired Ericsson. 🙂

  2. I picked out my current cellphone (only my second) based on the comfort of it being held upto my face during use.

    That’s a good criterion to use. I use that too; the other is going to be how it feels in my hand. I kind of want a bigger, bulkier phone than I seem able to get nowadays. Not all of us using cell phones are pixie-sized tweens.

  3. A few years ago when my husband and I finally got cell phones, I got the free phone and he got the one you had to pay for. It looked a bit snazzier than mine, but my phone never lost a signal in our apartment and his could almost never get a signal in our apartment. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Sometimes you don’t.

    It figures. I’ve had similar experiences. My MIL had a carrier we dropped because my wife couldn’t get a signal in our home. When MIL got their service she had a full signal on the phone. I could’ve bit a bullet in half I was so irked.

  4. I spent all my Fido points on a new phone a few months back. I got the fancy Music Phone that can hold like 10,000 mp3 files. Except the brochure neglected to mention that it has zero compatibility with Mac computers. So now I have an extra-heavy phone but I can’t use any of that memory in there for music. Garrh! :-ppppppp

    That’s so annoying! What are Fido points though?

    1. Maybe Fido is just a Canadian cellphone provider. They give me bonus points for every dollar I spend on their company, so that they can offer me a free phone and lock me into another contract every two years until the end of my natural lifespan.

      Oh, so they’re like every OTHER cell phone carrier, except they hide their evil with points. Gotcha. 😉

  5. I LOVE my phone!

    I have a Palm Centro and I absolutely freaking love it. I’ve had it for a year and a half and I’ve had zero problems with it. I love the touchscreen, the qwerty keyboard, the threaded text messages, everything. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this phone.**

    I thought I lost it the other day and I went into a full on head between the knees panic attack because they don’t make Centros any more and I’d have to buy one off ebay. I found it at the library the next day and I nearly cried with joy.

    I’m due for an upgrade in June and every time I think about it I have a mini panic attack. The Pixi is the replacement for the Centro and they require a $30/mo data package with it. I don’t think I want to afford that, but I don’t want any other phone. It’s something of a quandary.

    (**You would not like this phone because it is small and the buttons are tiny.)

    Okay, so what’s up with that crap? I’ve been seeing this on VZW’s web site every time I look at cell phones. I want a PHONE, not a ‘net surfing device. Why do I have to pay $30/month for data packages I won’t use? (And yeah, can’t handle the tiny buttons.)

  6. When I can actually locate mine and am carrying it, I often have to leave it turned off unless I make a call because it’s not carrying a full charge. The contract is up in June and I am getting rid of the cell. I never wanted one (my late husband insisted on the first one back in 1999) and I find them oddly burdensome. I just keep the Onstar minutes current so I can make a call from the road in a crunch. I don’t need anything else.

    We want OnStar someday too. That’s a nice service. But we don’t have land line phones in our home, so the mobiles are critical right now. But they’re not for everyone. 🙂

  7. I’ve recently started day dreaming about a new phone to celebrate a new job. One that gives me some of the latest bells and whistles. I guess once I land a job I will start researching what those bells and whistles might be, lol.

    And you and I are in the same place! LOL!

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