8 thoughts on “Oops!”

  1. Oh chicken. I love chicken.

    I think you’d have like it. It stewed more than I wanted in the oven though. Maybe next time I’ll discard the marinade instead of putting it in the roasting pan with the chicken.

  2. I so love that I am not alone with these types of mishaps, lol. How was the chicken?

    It wasn’t bad. I was surprised how subtle the flavor was, but very distinctly present. Nice, I’d say.

  3. Oh no! That’s such a Sherri thing to do. It’s kind of a joke between my husband and me–a joke of which I am the butt, obviously–but he’s been dropping things lately, so I think he’s catching up with me.

    I’m almost never so klutzy as this time. But hey — maybe a new phase of life is beginning for me. 😉

    I hope your chicken was good!

    Not too bad, overall. I give it a high B.

  4. This made me giggle, and cover my mouth to try to hold back. I know I shouldn’t giggle… I know it’s so frustrating when you’re trying to make a lovely concoction for supper and nothing is going your way, but I’m just imagining all of these things dancing around the kitchen in every which way to a chorus of liquid orchestrating them.

    I meant it to get a giggle, sweetie. Giggle away! 🙂

    heehee (:

    And this injector you’ve mentioned… sounds interesting. I adore kitchen gadgets!

    Mine came with another kitchen gadget years ago; I’ve never seen one sold independently. And I ADORE GADGETS!!

    I hope your chicken turns out nice! (:

    Not too bad, actually! 🙂

    I have plans for a big dinner tonight, Karma will more than like find me for my giggles, and I’ll probably fail in every aspect of the word at it.

    Oh, I doubt it sweets. 🙂 Being Christian, I don’t believe in Karma. It ran over my dogma, so I don’t like it.

  5. Oh oh. Hope the chicken turned out alright in the end. I shall not tempt fate by saying I’m not too clumsy in the kitchen. My disasters are more of the overcooked, undercooked, under-salted, over-salted type.

    Actually, it turned out pretty doggone good. I mean, nothing I’d like to add to my regular repertoire or anything, but a nice, refreshing change. And I’m sure you’re a much more accomplished chef than I, dear Damyanti. 🙂

  6. Wow! You sound like me in the kitchen. I do well, but I also screw up well.

    Reminds me of the time I bought this fabulously expensive glass pitcher with coloured flowers and leaves etched into it. I completed the pitcher with 2 matching margarita and martini glasses, about $100 worth of stuff I couldn’t really afford. I very carefully rinsed out the pitcher and set it on the counter. As I reached for the paper towels, my elbow touched the pitcher which tipped onto the glasses and the whole lot fell on the floor and exploded. I had 1 glass left so I threw it on the floor, had a good cry and went in search of the broom.

    That sounds like almost exactly what I’d have done. Maybe I’d have HURLED the remaining glass into a wall, and would’ve SWORN at the top of my lungs instead of crying but overall, pretty close.

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