The results are in…

6 thoughts on “The results are in…”

  1. I was at a bookstore yesterday. Okay, not a real bookstore. Real bookstores are hard to find these days. I was at one of those “bookstores” that is also a Starbucks, toys and knick-knack store. Here in Canada, the store is called either Chapters or Indigo (one chain, two names). It is very much like a store I saw in NYC called Barnes & Noble.

    At the store, I saw a big poster advertising something that looked a bit like a Kindle but it had a different name. It’s called the Kobo eReader.

    I’ll have to check that out. There’s also the Sony eReader, Barnes and Noble makes one (you may have seen that one), and there are a few others out there. The iPad too now, of course. So there’s a few now. Interesting, I told my wife about seven years ago when she came up with this it would never catch on because PDAs can do the same thing. *Sigh*

    I have no information about this product. I don’t really care to know anything about it. But then I read this post and thought maybe you’d want to know something about it. Maybe you already know about it. What do I know?
    Anyhoo… I got nothing of value to comment on this post.

    You’re fine, I appreciate the time you take to read and comment. 🙂

    1. You should check out Smashwords. It’s free, and you can set the price at whatever you want, including free, or have your readers set a price if they want. Also, you can download books from there in multiple formats including Kindle. So you still get the convenience factor, plus flexibility. I know that sounds like a commercial, but I swear I don’t work for them. 🙂 Why not give it a go?

      Hehe. Well, many of the Amazon authors also published on Smashwords; they said while it was easier to work with the editor, the results (in money) were dismal. Amazon generated income at least, and there’s a commission structure change coming which will afford authors 70% of the take (!!). So for what it’s worth, that’s what the comparison yields. I’m not really doing this just to have something published, but to generate a following, and Smashwords isn’t he place for that to happen apparently.

  2. Have you considered adding a paypal account to your fiction blog? That way if people liked your stuff, they could donate to a starving artist. I’ve seen this on other blogs, but I don’t know if wordpress allows it.

    I don’t either and have NO idea how to do that. I guess I’ll have to look into it. 🙂

    1. I also looked at the self publishing aspect on Amazon. It seems you pay as books are ordered rather than one big up front payment for a load of books you then have to promote and sell on your own. This might also be something to look into.

      Yes, it’s POD (Print On Demand). But I wasn’t looking at their self-publishing thing, I was looking strictly at the Kindle store and publishing in there. It’s a nice way to build a following if you can 1) write good stuff you don’t mind giving away, and 2) have the leverage of the publisher to allow you to give stuff away there. I’m lacking at least one of those two, though I’ll leave it to the reader of the blog to determine which. 🙂

  3. Hey, if you figure out how to get that paypal button on your wordpress blog, let me know. I followed the paypal instructions and got nowhere. I’d like the button for my art since I have managed to sell a few pieces online.

    Hm. I’ll be sure to let everyone know, but if PayPal’s instructions don’t work the only other place I can think to look would be’s support forums. Since my lovely wife is the guru of research and digging, I’ll let her do it.

    Building a following seems like… I don’t know… just as hard as getting an agent in the first place. Good luck. And I want to know your steps along the way. Please.

    I will. But so far no luck; and I just don’t have money to spend in my current situation.

    Happy weekend.

    You too!

  4. Well at least you looked into it to see if it were beneficial to you or not. Better to have found out, then wonder later.

    Darn tootin’. 🙂 Hope you have a terrific weekend.

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