Decision time

6 thoughts on “Decision time”

  1. The third option would be to start something else but to gradually fix this one over time…

    You say it’d need a lot of work. Well, the fact that it exists, however flawed, says work is something you’re capable of.

    You say it’s hard to let this one go. Well, most of us human beings have problems with change, especially letting go of something we’ve put a lot of effort into.

    You know what it needs to fix it. You’ve obviously given it quite a bit of thought.

    The questions then would be whether you’d be willing to do the work and whether this manuscript has more to teach you. Questions worth contemplating…

    I’d say from the tone of your post, there may still be life here…

    The Japanese concept of Kaizen is that of accomplishing great things by baby steps. This lot of work could be done by commiting small blocks of time, in between larger pursuits.

    Good luck, regardless of what you decide.


    Catherine, thank you so much. What a wonderful and uplifting comment! I’m so glad you stopped by today and shared your thoughts with me. I hope your day is as brightened as you’ve made mine. 🙂

  2. It’s hard to let it go, that’s for sure. But looking back over everything I’ve gone through with BVA, I wish I had let it go for a while. Yeah, I ended up finishing and being pretty happy with the result, but it was a gut wrenching process and I wouldn’t like to repeat it. So from my perspective, you’ve made the right choice. Even if a book is great, if it costs too much to write, it’s not worth it. I’d love to watch you develop one of your other novel ideas.

    Aw, thank you so much dolly! What a wonderful thing to say. I know how much you struggled with BVA, and I think the piece turned out really well. You have every reason to be proud. I’m pretty well convinced I’m going to do as Catherine suggested and work on this a little at a time and push something else as my major project.

    I’d love to have you along on that trip with me as I hammer out something new. Anything in particular you’d like to see? 🙂 Hope you have an amazing weekend sweetie!

  3. If it takes a lot of work, I say start something new and revisit the old from time to time.

    That seems to be the consensus. All you smart cookies can’t be wrong. Thanks, Holls, and I hope it’s a happy and busy holiday weekend for you (if and only if you’re working — otherwise, slow and relaxing. 😉 )

  4. At least this decision is entirely up to you. You can change your mind and re-change your mind. You can give up on the work entirely today just to see what it feels like, and go back to it tomorrow if you don’t like the feeling.

    Excellent points, Sparky. I’m sort of looking forward to seeing how it feels.

  5. Whatever you choose to do, I’m sure it will be great, regardless. It may feel like the edge of a cliff with lots of uncertainty, but ultimately, you know what the right answer is.

    I’m still waiting for the post announcing the book tour that’s headed for Nova Scotia 🙂

    LOL! Thank you sweetie, I appreciate the confidence, but you might be waiting for quite some time. 😉

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