8 thoughts on “Hootsuite”

  1. Ooooh, cheater! I thought you were online and just didn’t want to chat with me. *pouts*

    LOL! Why would I ignore ya? Heh? Why?! 😉

    Just kidding. I might try that one. Digsby’s too big. There’s another online one called Threadsy. It’s pretty cool, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed with all the information being in one place. That’s the reason I let Twitter go and just update FB now. I can’t keep up with it all.

    And I do the opposite — only update Twitter and IT updates FB. Hehehe. I’m going to do Threadsy next, but I don’t use it, so I have to check it out first.

  2. I’ve got an amazing thing that allows my friends to keep up with what I’m doing at all times. It’s more hardware than it is software and the technology is pretty well available to everybody. It’s called telephone. By keying in my unique telephone identification sequence (or phone number) my telephone communication device (or phone) will signal (ring) and I can communicate (talk) with the person who keyed in my unique telephone identification sequence (called me) in real time. It’s an amazing technology. I recommend everybody use this technology.

    Sounds great. Why don’t you give me a call and we can chat about it? Oh, that’s right … you haven’t given me your UTI. And you don’t have mine. And yet, here we are, communicating through the Internet somehow. Must be a miracle.

    1. I think you have been using this tech less and less lately. Either that or you are using it to keep in touch with other people.

      1. I keep in touch with everybody who keys in my unique telephone identification sequence.

  3. Bobette uses something like Hootsuite (or maybe she uses it) to update both Twitter, Facebook and I think MySpace (I know, I know). She thinks it is a real time saver.

    Oh, it is! Very cool. Next review will be on a similar site called Threadsy.

  4. My eyes cross when things start to get this complicated. This site and that site and then a meta-thingy to co-ordinate all the other electro-thingies…. *sigh*. I just update Twitter when I feel like it and hopefully someone might read it. If not tough beans for me. That’s about as complicated as I want to be.

    Honestly, this is a professional application for people really using Twitter and Facebook for promotional purposes, but anyone can do it. I like the future update thing. And I just got an email from someone at Hootsuite saying you CAN edit the scheduled updates, so I’ll have to update my post tomorrow. But hey, if social networking isn’t the thing for you, that’s why they make chocolate AND vanilla, right?

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