Happy Holiday!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holiday!”

  1. I find the best way to fight ignorance is with a heavy stick or failing that, a lead pipe. “I’m ‘onna beat da idjit outta you!”

    I’m more of a sawed-off shotgun guy myself. Right in the face at close range works well.

  2. You should put a paypal button on your site. I hope Tuesday goes well.

    Thanks hon. I tried to figure out how to do the PayPal button thing; but I figured, no one likes a beggar. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do it now. Thanks again.

  3. Well, I’m not sure a shotgun to the face makes the ignorant less ignorant. It might make them just ignorant and scared, which is not really an ideal combo. But maybe I’m ignorant, so ignore me. 😉

    Oh, well you’re probably right, heh. But once the trigger is pulled, ignorance comes to an end. 😉

    Anyway! I hope good things are coming your way and that whatever this near future holds for you, that it all contains blessings. We never know what form a blessing will take after all or where things will lead.

    Best wishes.

    Thank you very much. Sometimes I forget. 🙂

  4. All due prayers and best wishes your way, friend.

    Thank you, kind sir. You’ve been a good friend and you will always be in my prayers, too. 🙂

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