Painful Rounds

5 thoughts on “Painful Rounds”

  1. I know the last almost year now has not been good and I have been battling deep depression. It is a slow and painful process to get the right medication combination that work and not cause more problems. Some days it is difficult to feel like a normal human being. It gets harder and harder to act normal around those you love so they don’t worry about you all the time.

    I just take one day at a time and hope the next one is better than the last one and that the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is actually there.

  2. I’m doing okay. Sleeping a lot. Haven’t had the urge to go out and get some fried chicken this week. That means I’m in a half decent mood, I guess. I think it’s been a week since I’ve had fried chicken or a donut.

  3. I’m fretting about what to do in September. Last winter wiped me out financially and I can’t take another one like that. I don’t know what else to do. There are jobs available, but nothing I want to do.

  4. I’ve heard crime goes up when it is hot. Maybe the heat is oppressive and brings out the misery. Sometimes I find myself annoyed at all the romantic notions about summer out there. That may be jealousy since I don’t have any lovely summer memories. It is hot. There are bugs.

    Recently, some study out I read about said that depression and happiness were contagious. So hey, maybe something is just going around.

  5. I think Marta’s right, something’s going around. I’ve been anxious and slightly depressed for a couple of weeks. Nothing bad, just changes in the lives of my extended family sort of making me reevaluate. Hope we all get over it soon.

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