Friday Frolics

5 thoughts on “Friday Frolics”

  1. I gotta say. I don’t like the word “kindle” because it sounds too much like kindling. And when referring to your literary works, is there a more accurate term than kindling?

    I kid, I kid, I kid.
    You know I’m just making some funnies, right?

    ‘Course! All of us know that. We just smile and nod indulgently until you leave the room, when we talk about you relentlessly and mercilessly.

  2. No kindle here. I won’t give up on the job for you yet. It is Friday. They may be putting things off until Monday. And not getting it could be from some crazy reason. But qualifications aren’t everything. Who knows why companies make the choices they do. I can’t even begin to explain the hiring practices where I work!

    Good luck still!

    Thanks, Marta! I understand it’s not personal if it doesn’t come through. It’s not always easy to keep that perspective, especially when you’ve been out of work for almost two years, but it’s something I’ve tried to hang onto. But it’s not over yet, so time will show. 🙂

  3. No Kindle, or eReader of any sort here, but good luck with your eStory!

    eStorIES, actually! Thanks, sweetie! I’ll probably have an HTML or PDF version available on Smashwords — IF I ever get this thing going! Heh! 🙂

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