Lunatic Ravings

5 thoughts on “Lunatic Ravings”

  1. I definitely wouldn’t give a one star rating because of the price I paid for a book, especially when nobody tied my hands and put a gun to my head to buy it.

    I hear that! The author doesn’t control that, and rating a book poorly on anything but its content isn’t right.

    I understand customer angst but the writer isn’t the person to take that out on. I’m sure there must be other ways to voice complaints about pricing.

    Amazon needs to work on this DESPERATELY. They’ve set up a system that doesn’t allow the consumer to rate their experience with AMAZON separate from their item of purchase. That’s stupid IMO. And if Amazon DOES have a way of doing that, they are NOT advertising it. THAT needs to change, and I say a swarm of angry emails from customers would be of great effect. I think the same might be true of the publishers pricing eBooks out of market; spam ’em with emails telling them how you feel, but DON’T punish the author.

  2. It would never occur to me to slam a book because of the price. I might complain about the price directly, but I wouldn’t say that the content of the book was no good unless it was actually written badly. It wouldn’t solve anything.

    I just can’t understand these people either. I hear poor Yellowcat’s stories about how she’s stiffed because someone’s unhappy about restaurant policy and this is exactly the same scenario to me. The author suffers because someone’s unhappy with Amazon. I’ve seen the same thing happen where a one-star review was given because the customer’s shipping time wasn’t as promised. Gimme a break!

  3. Agreed, that is pretty stupid. It wouldn’t even occur to me. It’s petty and immature and ineffective.

    It is all of those things, sweetie. In part, it’s a reflection of those who resort to this sort of thing, and in part a reflection on how well Amazon has shielded itself and the publishers from the consumer’s wrath. Not good.

  4. Unless I truly disliked it, I wouldn’t give something I read only one star, and definitely not because I disagreed on price. Sadly though, in all formats, there are those who like to dog on everything, for no real reason.

    Well, I think they DO have reasons. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to punish AMAZON doing this, too. The only one hurt is the product producer. Amazon gets off pretty much Scot-free.

    I like to make my own decisions when it comes to reading, or even movies for that matter. I don’t make my choices based on a rating, I base it on whether or not it sounds appealing to ME. I’ve seen many movies, and read many books where I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews, or even predominantly bad ones, and I’ve ultimately enjoyed it.

    This is true, but I want to be careful with my money too. I’ve been fooled before. So I like customer ratings. 🙂

  5. Ahh…here it is and oh boy am I ticked. 🙂

    If I didn’t like the price of something, I wouldn’t buy it. I certainly wouldn’t leave a one star or any sort of negative review since the review is based on the book, not on the cost.

    A rational viewpoint. How can we make it mandatory for all?

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