9 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Hahaha, better watch your back, Daddy. She’ll be published once she learns how to type.

    No kidding! 🙂

    Interesting coincidence: I just yesterday starting playing a game called Unicorn Robot Attack. It’s not as cool as what she described, though.

    AAAHAHAHA! How cool’s that?

  2. Classic dialogue there (including the stage directions :)). And that sounds like some story she’s cooking up… There’s gotta be a ‘real’ SF story out there you can share with her, at least in retold form — a story with the same general theme(s)!

    I wouldn’t even know how to Google something like that! HAHAA!

    I am SO much with you right now on the ‘how come only kids get to have fun writing?!?’ issue.

    I miss fiction SOOOO much. *Sigh* Non-fiction keeps me going, but I miss being able to blog and comment on friends’ blogs. 😦

  3. Your girl is writing a cool video game.

    LOL, it sounded cool to me too. But MAN! What a complex plot for someone who just turned five this summer! Thanks Bob!

  4. LOLOL–this is hilarious! I love how you wrote this, just too funny. My daughter just walked in when she heard me laughing and I let her read it–and she too appreciated it:) In fact she just said–in her very grown-up voice–“WOW, Mom, that little girl is smaaa–rrr—ttt!” 😀

    LOL! Yes, she keeps us on our toes for sure. The funny part is, she seems so smart but isn’t — selectively — when asked to do something! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Miss you terribly!

  5. When they make the movie of your girl’s story, I will be first in line to see it! I hope it comes out in 3-D. Giant attacking unicorn and robot team! In space! SHAZAM!!

    Ka-POW! 😀 I can’t wait for that either … and Daddy will never have to job hunt again. 😉

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