Here’s THAT Post

16 thoughts on “Here’s THAT Post”

  1. Big grin here…huge. May the blessings continue to wrap your family in a warm hug!

    Thank you Jaymie! And back to you, too! So nice to see you around again! 🙂

  2. *dances* You got the job, you got the job! Woo, full time! It’s a new day. Nothing going on in my house compares. Congratulations!

    Thanks! We’re pretty stoked! 🙂

  3. Okay, I’m a bit confused by all of this. (Probably because I’m stupid and easily confused.) Do I have this right? A one-time job is asking you to delay starting a full-time job so you can work on the one-time job. You are trying to find a nice way to tell the one-time job to sit down and rotate.
    Is that right?

    A very succinct and accurate summation for the most part, except for one thing: I didn’t want to tell the one-time job people to sit and spin. I wanted them to know from the outset I was interviewing for, interested in, and would accept if offered, this permanent job. The recruiting firm who found me the one-time gig asked me NOT to say anything to the one-time job company, so the whole thing went sideways in a hurry. Other than that, yeah — the recruiting firm (not the firm who needed my services) wanted me to delay working for my real job so I could finish their one-time only job. Nice, huh?

  4. “…thank you to everyone who showed patience…”

    Well that would not be me. I’ve been dying to hear what happened.

    And I can’t tell you how grateful for the support I am, bud. 🙂

    As Captain Miller says to Private Ryan with his last breath, “Earn this.” Earn it, D. Go out and kick this job’s ass. Bring home some phat, steady checks to your lovely wife and kids. Next Christmas there will be G.I. Joes with the Kung Fu Grip.

    A Jason Bourne movie in every stocking this year, brother! Amen on the Kung Fu grip. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it work.

    And stick a couple of dollar bills into your sock drawer throughout the year. Next year you are headed down to Project Comiccon in St. Louis so I have somebody to geek around with.

    I’ll try for just that. 🙂

  5. Oh. And for the third day in a row I googled SRLP to no avail. WTF is SLRP?

    My wife couldn’t wait to explain, but she has it right. “Secret Real-Life Project”, formally known as the “Super Secret Real-Life Project”, which ain’t secret at all. 🙂 It’s a non-fic how-to book I’m working on. My second this year. IF I finish it this year, that is.

    1. Well, it started out as SSRLP meaning “Super Secret Real Life Project” when he was working on his first non-fic book. Then it kind of morphed to “the slurp” and sometimes the SRLP since it’s not so Secret anymore and he’s working on a 2nd one. 🙂

      Perfectly able to answer my OWN comments, thankewverymuch, kthanxbai.

  6. I have my dancing shoes and and am doing a “happy” dance for you as I type this. (didn’t know I was that talented, did ya?)

    You never cease to amaze me! 🙂

    Great news Dane and I hope it all works out well and that you really enjoy the new job. Don’t blame you at all for telling the short term people bye-bye!

    Thanks, Delaney! I’ll do my best to rock it!

  7. Lucky dog! It does include writing does it not? I am so happy. A one in a million time when a good guy gets what he goes out after and gets to also have the family he loves. “Neat.” SH

    Well, thanks, SH! I don’t know why your comment was in moderation, though. Sorry about that. And if there’s any “writing” with this new job, it’s only to document the technology and processes. But I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I can always write on nights and weekends like other working-stiff writers. 🙂

  8. SOOOO happy for you! I knew this day would come soon. Congratulations my friend!

    Aw, thanks D! 🙂

    As for the recruiter and the short term gig. The recruiter is completely at fault here. 100% completely at fault and if need be you make sure the biz knows it. I’m not one to throw people under the bus but you should have never been put in that situation and the recruiter should have been honest with his hiring manager. That’s just common sense. Unfortunately he was probably just looking at it as common CENTS as he probably got paid for placing you. You did the right thing, period. Shame on Mr. Recruiter. Go you. *high five*

    Thanks! It’s nice to hear from someone outside the situation I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve gone back and forth since writing this wondering if I could’ve done something differently, but the answer always comes up as not without going against what my recruiter was saying. Alas, too late now. I don’t have any way to communicate with the client any more so I guess I’ll just have to take my lumps. 😦 Oh well. God willing, I won’t need a job again. I can retire with this place. 🙂

  9. Yaaaaaaaay!!! That’s fantastic news! I totally understand where you’re coming from. I also kind of sympathize with the short-term employer – not that that’s your fault at all. It’s just that something similar happened to me recently, where I hired a guy and then, after I’d spent an afternoon preparing his paperwork and spent $125 to have contract IT create his account, he called me the morning he was supposed to start and said he’d had a better interview over the weekend and was taking that job instead. Grr! Booo! Well, what can we do – that’s life in the world of business! That’ll all be behind you pretty soon, and you can celebrate the new job. I’m confident you’ll do great. 🙂

    Thanks, Spark! Yes, I wasn’t eager to burn a bridge with this client, and don’t know how I’d explain without throwing the recruiter boy under the bus, but … oh well. I do understand the hiring manager’s reaction, but he wouldn’t have had it if I’d been able to keep him in the loop. Again, the recruiter’s decision. *Shrug*


    I’m so glad to hear that things have worked out, and the full-time job was offered to you. That’s just amazing. 🙂

    As for the recruiter, what a dick.

    You’re too awesome for them anyway!

    AAAHAHAHAA! Well, he’s not a dick, but he sure did a number on this one. Thanks sweetie, we’re very excited too, if a bit worried about money. 🙂

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