Yet another peeve

6 thoughts on “Yet another peeve”

  1. “I’m praying for one of the two of us to die…” LMAO!

    I don’t get high-beamed much, but if I do you can bet it’s a giant pickup, probably black. Black pickups also ride on my tail, weave in and out of traffic, and pull out in front of me on a regular basis.

    I’ve wanted a giant, black pick-up (Chevy Avalanche, actually, back when they were COOL) for a long, long time. When I get one I’ll hunt you down and high-beam ya.

  2. You know what’s worse than high beams? Those blasted xenon regular headlights on taller than normal vehicles like big SUVs. Those normal headlights shine as bright as high beams. Then the actual high beams on with the xenon bulbs will actually light night into day.

    I find the color pleasant with those at least, but yeah, too strong a light and my poor night vision falls right off the edge of the world. I hate that crap.

  3. Pffft! Bitch, please. I’ve got so many pet peeves they have their own kennel.

    I hear ya, biznatch. I was going to open a shelter for unwanted peeves, but you know what kind of license fee you have to pay for that?

  4. I hate high beams. A similar incident happened to me a few nights ago. Around here we seem to have a huge problem with people who run red lights. Drives me crazy. And people who take up two parking spaces when there already isn’t enough parking. And people who don’t use the turn lane to turn. And, and, and…

    I know, I know. It’d be better for my blood pressure and probably my life span too if I wouldn’t stress, but you know what? That’s not me. I DO stress. I just… DO.

    There are more important things to worry about in the world, but there is no perspective from the driver’s seat.

    When I’m driving, that’s all I’m worried about. What else matters more unless I’m driving to an emergency? In the immediacy of the driving, it’s critical, so I worry about those things right away. I can forget them when i get to my destination.

    Although, high beams really can cause accidents (and running red lights) so they are things worth getting annoyed with really.

    I guess; I’ve never heard of that (the high beams, not red light running), but I’m sure it’s possible. Still, someone taking two parking spaces stinks. I see people do it where I work, and the parking is inadequate as it is. Please. Your car’s not THAT nice, I don’t care how much you paid for it. And if it’s THAT valuable, don’t drive it. Get a life, yo. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂

  5. I’m not a driver, so high beams aren’t much of an issue for me. However, I’ll give you a pedestrian’s pet peeve: drivers who are so anxious to execute a turn that they’ll drive their car aggressively to within a few feet of where I’m crossing the road (on a green light – I have the right of way!), then brake suddenly just as I was preparing myself to get run over, then creep forward so that their bumper is within inches of my kneecaps as I hurry to get out of their way. If they stayed back a courteous distance, they could literally cover that ground within one second of hitting the accelerator. Sometimes I get so freaked out by how fast a car whips into a turn into my path that I freeze, ready to jump out of the way. Then they brake suddenly and give me a LOOK, like, hurry the heck up and move out of the road! If they don’t want me to stop dead in my tracks like a deer in the headlights, they should stop being so freaking aggressive.

    HOLY COW, that’d be a peeve of mine, too. Maybe another day I’ll talk about being a pedestrian here (I already have in the past, but it’s always fun… not). I don’t blame you at all and that’s GOT to be illegal. Can you carry cans of paint and spray the hell out of their car hoods — you know, write A$$HOLE or something like that on it — to make sure they get the PETA-esque message of back-off?

  6. No one out here has any consideration with their high beams. It makes me want to kill everyone in sight.

    Once that annoying orange spot in front of your eyes dissipates, yeah.

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