Face-palm moments

5 thoughts on “Face-palm moments”

  1. I got a rejection on BVA from a previously very interested editor. So that’s a bummer. On the bright side, this indicates that everybody’s finally getting back to work and I may get some more responses soon. I swear, pub pros only work half the year. I guess since they’re working 24/7 during that half it makes up for it…?

    If you ask them, they’re working 24/7 all the time. *eyeroll* I personally don’t know how you can do anything in that industry having to read so much and then doing sales. Yeesh. Sorry about your rejection though.

    Really happy you have a great boss, and that you’re not letting your headdesk moment get you down.

    Naturally, I do let it worry me, and of course, I have a major project coming my way and no way to do it.

  2. It sounds like you know what you’re doing overall and where you need to be. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of everything.

    Thanks, Courtney. Here’s hoping… and praying… a lot of praying…

  3. Relax, we all have those “duh” moments especially when it comes to computer stuff. I can work in Excel pretty well but Access is out of my league so props to you for being able to work in it at all.

    Glad you are enjoying your job so much.

    Thanks, Delaney. I can use the encouragement. 🙂

    1. Yep. I’m kind of a computer retard.

      *Whew!* For a minute, I thought it was me. I’m so glad it’s not, since this is what I have to do for a living. DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT! Hahahahaa!

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