Food Court: GUILTY

9 thoughts on “Food Court: GUILTY”

  1. I started doing strength training last week. Tired of being tired and sore and sluggish. As I get stronger I can increase my cardio, and hopefully my joints won’t be so sore.

    I’ll be starting soon too for many of the same reasons. I’m not sore but I’m tired and my bones don’t love me.

    I can also commiserate on the crowd fear. It happens when you stay at home for a long time.

    I don’t have crowd fear. I never have. I don’t LIKE them, but I never have. I was only afraid of the kids getting pushed around too much, but they were fine.

  2. I find as the older I get the less I like large groups of people. Amusement parks no longer amuse. Malls are something to run in then out of. Getting older is just a b*tch.

    Amen to that. And being fat on top of it? I’m in HELL. 😦

  3. I used to like malls too. And now I too hate them. They annoy me and depress me. The one in my town when I was growing up (since torn down), was a sane size. It didn’t take all day to get from one end to another, and the number of people seemed reasonable–to my child self anyway. But now that is gone, and a much bigger mall is out on the highway. Blech.

    It sort of depresses me to think how different I am than I used to be. I miss malls. Well… I thought I did anyway. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new tires! That’s excellent 🙂

    Thanks sweetie! 🙂 I’m very excited. I love accelerating in the rain and actually MOVING. It amuses me. 🙂

    I have never liked crowds. Too many people – not our cup of tea! Mind you, what you’ve described for a crowd at your super crazy jumbo mall (ours is piddly in comparison), sounds like Christmas shopping to me. I don’t like going to the mall unless it was to go to work, or if we need to pick something up there, which is rarely. Fal posted on her blog the map of the mall… and the food court location makes NO sense! It should be in the middle of the place.

    We didn’t think too much of their design either. And being fat and having bad backs, mall shopping isn’t for us anymore. 😦

    I am eager to hear how your work out journey goes. Matt has started his, and I’m patiently waiting to be able to do more, physically. And softball season is around the corner, too! YAY!

    What did Matt decide to do? I’m always curious what others have committed to.

    Mall shopping is the devil.

    And that is the truth. 🙂

    1. He’s been doing it on his own right now, they’re online programs called: Two Hundred Sit Ups (, One Hundred Push Ups (, and Two Hundred Squats (… it’s a six week progression, three nights a week, where you just simply build up your endurance, bit by bit. Plus he does a few repetitions of planks just about every night.

      I think I’ve heard of these things. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

      He was doing jujitsu, but we can’t afford it right now (since I was put off work and waiting for everything to get going), so he’s holding out until softball season, and will probably do jujitsu again in the off season.

      I took Karate for a while back in my mid-twenties too. I wish I’d been able to stay with it, but circumstances and money got in my way. Now I’ll have to make do with losing weight and getting fit. I want to progress and study FMA (Kali), but that’s a looooooong way off right now.

      Then once I have the baby, and get through the recovery period (depending on how the pregnancy goes), I’ll be doing the same programs, but no softball for me this summer, and we’ve been discussing picking up the P90X sometime. We have lots of friends who have done it, and LOVED it, and have had great results with it.

      I know a lot of folks who did great things with their bodies after having a baby. I’m sure you can too!

      But until I am able afterwards, there are lots of walking trails (if this snow ever melts), so walking, walking, walking for me! None now… my back feels like it wants to die if I stand or walk around beyond like 15-20 minutes at once.

      Walking, walking, walking! I have a bad back and walking INDOORS is almost impossible for any distance, but someday I’ll hike with the best of ’em. 🙂

      1. Hmmm… I did write a reply… and it said “awaiting moderation”… and now it’s gone… o.O

        It’s there, sweetie. Can’t have more than two links or else it gets tossed into spam. I’ve fished it out. Thank you!

  5. I have to be heavily medicated to deal with mall shopping. I have an anxiety attack if I can see more than 20 people in Walmart at any one time.

    You have a Walmart where there’s fewer than 20 people in it at a time? O_O

    1. I go late at night. If I have to go before 10pm I have to be blindfolded like a panicked horse.

      I used to go late too, when I wasn’t working, but it NEVER had fewer than 20 people in it.

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