6 thoughts on “Monstrous”

  1. Have you ever considered writing movie reviews? Seriously, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that your review was more entertaining than the movie. 🙂

    Well, thank you. I’m glad I could keep your Friday entertaining. I have another one for Monday’s post too. 🙂

  2. Sounds to me like a B-movie from way back in the day. You sure the movie wasn’t going for “hey, let’s spoof old monster b-movies.”

    Yeah, I’m sure, but it probably should have. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip. I will make sure to miss it. In return, I advise against “Gone Baby Gone” directed by Ben Affleck. I gave it a try last week and while the twisty turny plot was somewhat intriguing, the characters were 2-D and no one had an epiphany at the end, least of all me. For a movie based on a moral dilemma, it advanced my understanding of that dilemma by absolutely nil. FAIL!

    Oh, really? My wife and I enjoyed Gone Baby, Gone very much. No, I didn’t expect to learn anything but I did like the overall tone. Maybe because it didn’t try to pretend. But that’s why they make chocolate AND vanilla, right? 🙂

  4. I’ve thought about seeing District 9. It looks interesting–but I’ve heard it’s a bit high on the gore. True? Keep in mind I’m a wimp.

    Oh, I don’t know. My wife doesn’t like gore and she sat through it. It’s hard to say. I enjoyed it.

    1. I sat through it. Once. I could not do it again though. Not because of the gore, (that was … not “minimal,” but not “high” either,) but because this movie disturbed me on a couple of levels.

      It is an interesting movie though, and it was well done. The writing and acting were quite good.

      No, I generally don’t do gore either, however, being married to a horror movie lover, I’ve learned to be quite good at turning my head. 😉 This movie didn’t have too many head-turns.

  5. District 9 was good. I enjoyed it.

    We did too. 🙂

    Never heard of Monstrous. I find with Netflix, I mind less about watching a junky movie because it’s so cheap for the service, whereas with Blockbuster (or any other movie rental place) I would pay $5-8 a rental, and hate it, and be out the money and the time.

    Title is actually Monsters, but it was a “monstrous” failure. 😉 Just FYI.

    The problem with Blockbuster’s online service is, it’s pay per view. Much more current than with Netflix, but MAN! Expensive!

    We used to have a place called Movie Gallery, and they would give you X-number of freebies throughout the year. Basically, rent a movie, hate a movie, say you hate the movie, get a free rental movie. It was a nice service option.

    That IS nice. But I hate all movies, for the most part… they’d catch on, I wager. 😀 Hope Baby Cain’s well!

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