Razzle Dazzle

4 thoughts on “Razzle Dazzle”

  1. This is Epic Fail. You have the right to sue them–absolutely. Hope this sorts itself out soon, and in your favor. Sending you all positive energies!!

    Right you are, Damyanti, EPIC fail. Thank you — I can use all the energy I can get. 😉

  2. You definitely need to stop working with this publisher. Now that you have two under your belt, do you think your agency could find you work elsewhere?

    Oh, working with other publishers was ALWAYS on the table. Matter of fact, I turned down an offer to do one for another publisher because I didn’t feel qualified to write it. That’s never been the issue. In speaking with my agent on this the FIRST time this happened, and over the course of writing the first book, he let me know this is industry standard. It’s not unique to this publisher.

  3. I agree with Sherri. You are a known product now and should shop yourself around.

    As I said to Sherri, Annie, the problem’s not the publisher, but the industry. I found out along the way this is industry standard. Slow paying, delaying payments, etc. — all part of the deal. But they didn’t make it obvious how they were doing this until the SECOND payment of the FIRST book, when I started screaming about payment and was told it was an “oversight”. BTW, I’ve worked for really big companies before, and not one ever forgot to pay me as an “oversight”. NONE. 🙂 Regrettably, this is industry standard.

    And it’s good to see you again!

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