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  1. I’ve used yWriter and liked it for the features included. The chapters can be reordered, the characters can be listed and notes can be written about each, there is plenty of room for back story that isn’t part of the actual story (story for the author to stay on track), locations and items incidental to the arc can be listed as well. It is a great piece of software for a writer to stay on track and get it down.

    yWriter was actually a little TOO good for me. I’m not a savvy enough writer to utilize all its features, I suppose. But what I did use, I liked, and FREE sure goes a LONG way toward “GREAT”, don’t it? 🙂 Still, OneNote’s about perfect for me and how I work, and isn’t all that expensive when you consider all things. 🙂

  2. Sounds good. Do you need the Office Suite for that program to work?

    Nope, sure don’t CV! You can download it all by its lonesome right here, and it’s only about $80 (which is less than I thought it’d be, considering all it can do).

  3. One Note is my baby. I have a notebook for each story with tabs for each topic, plot, characters, research links and other sources. It’s great, I love it, and it’s kept me well organized.

    Oh yeah, this thing’s da bomb. It’s awesome. It’s almost like it was designed for writing even though it wasn’t. 🙂

  4. That looks very cool–even if I am a pantser sort of gal. I start off that way, but once I’ve got a first rough draft, I need organization! And my novel are a bit interconnected, perhaps it could help me with that!

    It could indeed. You could even have a separate notebook just for the common locations, people, circumstances and items. You can collect the bits of each novel which touch upon the others so the connections are in the same location and you won’t forget them (how did that guy meet the killer again? — that sort of thing). It’s got endless possibilities.

    Well, not for the pocketbook today, but good to have an idea of the options. I see them, but don’t know anyone who’s used them.

    Sherri’s used yWriter. You can get a free trial version with 30 uses of Liquid Story Binder XE, too. And you might be able to get a demo of OneNote from the Microsoft site, but I didn’t check on that.

    Thanks for the info.

    I’m all about the info.

  5. I liked yWriter for organization, but it was too difficult for my pantsness to write with it till I was mostly done with the 1st draft. I LOVE OneNote. I use it for everything, collecting links, character sketches, setting research… Before I had Onenote, I used Evernote, which is the open-source version. It’s modeled after the old OneNote, though, so it doesn’t have anything like the ribbon. Still, it’s a good (and free) substitute.

    Can’t speak to the verisimilitude of EverNote, never having used it, but there were a few people saying it’s very good. And I found a guy who said a mind-mapping software actually came closest, if he had to pick an alternative to OneNote. In the end, there’s nothing like it, and for most writers, I’d venture to say this is $80 well spent.

  6. I use Page Four. I like the notebook layout; nice and easy to organise all the (increasingly large volume of) assorted stuff that I have going with it.

    I liked PF too. It’s the closest thing I found before I discovered OneNote to the way I like to work. And it had a zoom feature on the word processor to help my poor, aching eyes out as I age. But it DID have a few glitches with it (the text would spontaneously resize itself, among others). And, the pages weren’t as handy in layout as ON makes them. It’s really brilliant, and nothing is like it at all.

    On the downside I discovered a glitch when I try to add large pieces of text in between two other large sections of text. It starts eating words. This is going to be a problem when editing, so maybe I’ll try this One Note thing sometime soon. Thanks for the info.

    Yet another glitch! I know OneNote’s not cheap, but it IS worth the cost IMO. I look at those things as investments in my craft. Like owning a good typewriter used to be, back when you COULD own one. 🙂

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