Blessing and Curse

9 thoughts on “Blessing and Curse”

  1. Nowadays, when I get a new computer or reformat and start fresh, I don’t install anything on it until I actually need to use it. Otherwise I end up installing a ton of stuff that I only think I need.

    That’s a really good idea. I think I should try that. So far, that’s sort of what I’m doing, but being in the middle of a research-heavy project involving lots of screen shots, I’ve had to clutter a bit already. 😦

    I’m saving up my pennies to buy one of those shiny new iMacs. It’s going to take a while…

    Hm. Haven’t seen the new iMac yet. Not a big Apple fan though. But yes, it will require many, many pennies.

  2. It’s unpleasant when things don’t work out like we thought they would. Plus it seemed pretty cool, in theory anyway, so that’s a double blow. Sorry man.

    Yeah, the cool factor was a big draw, but MAN! Whatta nightmare. So not worth it! I’m happy now, though. I have just the set-up I think I wanted…for now. 😉 Love ya hon!

  3. Wow, that’s a long stream of perfect chaos. Commiserations… I hate upgrade time, though in a way I also love it. My computer’s embarrassingly important to my daily life, and seeing as I’m a filthy video gamer too, it’s pretty vital to have a reasonably up-to-date one. Delicious has become one of my best, best friends; it scared the life out of me when they threatened to close it down.

    Ooh, filthy video gamer too, eh? Niiiice. I love it when girls talk filthy. 😉

    Hopefully you can now sit back and look forward to it being at least a few years before you’ll need to go through all this mess again!

    Well… pending my decision on the wireless keyboard and mouse. I haven’t made up my mind on those yet.

  4. I was drooling over a 22″ touch screen computer the other day… they so purdy… but sound like a lot more effort than I could imagine putting into it.

    Well, if you have enough money to burn you can do it. I could’ve forced down about $1400US and gotten a higher performance one, but that’s a LOT of money not to be able to sit on my couch and surf if I want. I can do that with my laptop.

    “Wow!” factor can be a serious trap sometimes.

    And I fall for it a LOT.

  5. I haven’t had a new computer in at least four years. But I can’t complain. MacBook Pro still runs like she did on the first day (well, maybe the first year, haha), though it’s been taken away by the husband as a Photoshop/work computer for his photography. So now I have his dinky HP, and it sucks. Vista is the spawn of Satan, and it likes to laugh as you curse its name.

    Ah, Vista. The Windows ME of this generation. Microsoft’s second greatest OS mistake ever. But fear not! You can’t stay in college forever, and then there will be a job and with THAT, will come MONEY. And then?… you still won’t be able to afford a new MacBook. HA!

    1. So true. Oh well, at least my MacBook loves me and looks spiffy.

      And that’s what’s important, even if I AM evil. 😉

      It really talks to me all the time, and I pet it and love it and… what? That’s perfectly normal right?


      *Backs away slowly…*


  6. Congrats on your new computer! I got my new laptop a few months ago, and remember it took some getting used to 🙂

    Actually, the keyboard (wireless and cheap, probably have to exchange it for a more ergonomic one) is what takes getting used to. This laptop performs like a desktop. No adjustment period necessary. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Installing two new computers in a row? That sure is a pain! Blech. I remember when I worked in I.T. and all I did all day was install PC’s. Boy did I ever hate that job.

    UGH. I’m still in technology, but not installing PCs anymore. I won’t miss it if I ever get to leave it all behind. I don’t even know how to keep up with it anymore.

    I’m glad that you’re pleased with your new toy on the second try. Better late than never!

    I am, thanks Spark! 🙂

  8. Glad you got a computer that you like and are comfortable with.

    Oh, yeah, I love it. It performs like a desktop. Really awesome.

    Weekend was good. Went to KC and saw the grand baby who is now 18 months old. Man, she changes so much between each visit!

    They grow so quick, don’t they? Mine change right in front of my eyes, too, and I see them every day! Thanks for coming by Delaney!

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