Weirdos and Weirdness

6 thoughts on “Weirdos and Weirdness”

  1. Oh, wow. Just wow. That makes no sense and is really, really creepy.

    Yeah, but how was the writing? Just kidding. It WAS creepy and I’m not at all comfortable knowing about this. There are, according to my wife, about 30 people in this state alone with my name. But name AND birthday? *Cue Twilight Zone theme*

  2. What the… ?!?!? I would have freaked out completely if someone started hammering on my door at 2am. I’m not sure if I would have ever slept again.

    Then someone with the same name AND same d.o.b.? What are the odds?? That is nuts.

    Yeah, it’s…creepy. And believe me, I did freak out. I had to sleep though; work the next day and all.

  3. Strange sequence of events!


    As I told Fal, I’d have grabbed a bat if someone tried coming into my apartment, but I spook easily, and we’ve had some crazy neighbors, so I would run for the bat often.

    I’m actually a gun advocate. Here in the States, we’re allowed that. But my fear is I’m too paranoid and would shoot EVERYONE who LOOKED like they were a threat to my family. I think a baseball bat, or preferably an Asp, would be better for me. Heh. 🙂

    Is it normal, or expected of civilians to put both hands where the officer can see them where you live? Is that a local thing? Or a US thing?

    No, it’s a ME thing. I like to make the cop comfortable because I’ve been … um … involved, let’s say, with situations where cops WEREN’T comfortable. In pretty short order, I wasn’t comfortable either, and I won’t repeat that experience.

    I’d be concerned about the same name/birth date thing. Perhaps keep a tab on all your private information, too, just to be safe.

    Easier said than done, I’m afraid. But we watch our credit card and bank statements closely.

  4. What the…? The woman trying to get in is weird, but someone with the same name & birthdate in the same town wanted by the police??? Scary.

    I was, indeed, unnerved to say the least.

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