Howdy, Pahdnah

4 thoughts on “Howdy, Pahdnah”

  1. This is nice. You’re both really lucky to be able to work together so well.

    I don’t have a writing partner right now, though I’m training up my husband-to-be. He’s coming along well. 😛

    Excellent! It sure does make things easier. And my wife not only serves as writing partner, but first and constant reader, too.

  2. You are lucky that your writing partner is your lovely wife.

    Luckier than I can ever express, Delaney. Nice to see you! Hope you had an awesome holiday weekend!

  3. You guys are so freaking sweet! 😀 I love hearing your stories of happy marrital bliss. It cheers me up every time.

    Aw, thanks hon! Sorry you need cheering up, though. Hope you’re feeling better too. Still praying for you!

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