Won’t You Please Be, My…?

10 thoughts on “Won’t You Please Be, My…?”

  1. Having been through something very, very similar a few years ago, you have my deepest sympathies and all the good thoughts I can send.

    Sam, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And it’s so good to see you! 🙂 Welcome!

    When our new neighbours (a young couple of a similar social standing to your new neighbours, and complete with toddler and dog) took all the doors off their rented property and built the biggest bonfire I’d ever seen in the back yard it suddenly dawned on me it may be time for us to move; that and the six months of disturbed sleep and empty beer cans all over our front garden of a morning. I fervently hope you manage to escape your situation one way or another a lot quicker than we did with ours. Our new place is very quiet with great neighbours – I hope your are able to find the same peace. 🙂

    Well, I’m happy yours had a happy ending. I pray ours will too! Thank you again and thank you for stopping by today! You’re welcome any time you’d like to come over. 🙂

  2. That sign, although honest, is not going to help the owner sell the house. Who would want to live next to an asshole. When buying a home, asshole neighbours is one of those surprises awaiting new home owners. Sure, you can send in home inspectors to check the attic and basement and stuff like that. But you can’t really go door-to-door meeting the neighbours. Of course, if you had the money, you could hire a private investigator to dig up dirt and all the people around the house, but if you’ve got that kind of money, you can probably build yourself a house in private locale where neighbours cannot make a difference.

    All true, WIGSF, all true. I just thought the sign was funny. And it sums up pretty much how I felt all weekend, but I’m sure it wouldn’t help sell the place. Our lease is up at the end of September; we’ll have to see what happens between now and then.

  3. Apartment living! Always an adventure. Yeah, we had a few fun neighbors during our apartment years too. Of course, you can find bad neighbors just about anywhere. I hope you don’t have to live near them long…and I hope the reason you don’t is because you have gotten a new place far away from them.

    Thanks, V. R. Yes, bad neighbors aren’t limited to apartments, I know, and I balk at use of the word “bad” to describe them, but it’s certainly been a let-down from the nice, quiet kids we had up there before.

  4. Man, those type of neighbors can be really hard to be understanding with though. We had a couple who never punished their kids, even if they were banging on the dividing wall between us, at our last apartment in California. Drove me nuts, since the room where they dividing wall was just happened to be our bedroom, too. So I’ll be praying for you, but I don’t know how much grace that type of situation can allow.

    There is no limit to grace, cupcake, only limits on how much I contain at any given moment. Right now… I’m pretty low. 😦

    Or maybe I’m just that grouchy and could learn a lesson or two in understanding myself.

    Understanding is good, but there’s a point at which you can’t take anymore. I wish I had better news, but this doesn’t get easier as you get older. In fact, it might get harder.

    Anyway, I really hope things get better for you, that you can move away from the annoying neighbors and into a house someday.

    Thank you sweetie. We can use all the prayer you’re willing to give.

    1. Well annoying people probably make it really hard to be understanding. Lord knows our old neighbors were just the worst pain.

      I’m sending a lot of prayer your way then!

      Thank you sweetie. 🙂 We really appreciate it.

  5. Sorry to hear about your terrible neighbors! My new neighbors have forced me to start weighing the pros and cons of homicide — if that’s the route you’re going, you should probably start writing angry, frightening and incoherent blog posts as proof that you aren’t competent to stand trial. It’s important to this of the future in situations like this!

    Well, hey there Zoogie2! Thanks for coming along to my neck of the woods and leaving me a copy of your carbon footprint. I’m always glad to have folks I know from around the ‘net come by and say hello. And you’re right, in this situation as with most others, planning for the future is key. 🙂

  6. You have my sincerest sympathies, and also my admiration for your determination to take the high road and continue being a good neighbor. It’s a tough situation, one that can try anyone’s sanity.

    Hi, Sarinne, thank you for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts. I really appreciate the encouragement. It means more than I can say.

  7. Oh no! That is the pits. I have been very lucky with my neighbours. I have had crazy neighbours but they have mostly been quiet crazy. Except that one time we had to call the cops for a domestic disturbance… but that was once in 5 years. I feel for you. Yes, I will pray for a resolution!

    Thank you, Spark! We need something. Resolution, strength, patience … preferably MONEY, but I’ll take what the Lord wants to give, I s’pose. 🙂

  8. If the shoe fits… I would call them white trash. I’ve had many white trash neighbors, and I have no shame in saying it. They sound terrible already. And sadly, first impressions, go a loooong way when it comes to neighbors. I’m thinking about you guys!

    Thank you hon, and love to Cain! We’re doing our best, but you know how that goes — day to day it fluctuates.

  9. Good luck. I hated apartment living almost as much as I hated living in a trailer park. I’m much happier in my little house out on the prairie with breathing room between me and my neighbours.

    I can’t say as I blame you for loving the space. We’d love breathing room, but let’s face it, having that breathing room didn’t keep you from having problems with the neighbor’s dog(s). It doesn’t matter where we live, decent people around us are hard to come by. I still miss the nice kids upstairs, but ruefully acknowledge they probably don’t miss us at all.

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