Getting Started

4 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Fortunately, I’ve maintained a copy of your first novel after all these years.

    Yes folks, I have a photocopy of a manuscript of DarcKnyt’s first novel, Zombie Lust at Sea. A riveting tale of a busty woman who finds love and lust amongst zombie pirates. It’s a great bodice ripper.

    Nice! I’ma write that now! Sex sells, and ZOMBIE sex sells to weirdos with nothing better to do with their money ’cause they can’t get dates and don’t go out. Awesome idea!

  2. *shrug* Sorry Darc, I have absolutely no guidance for you on this one. I haven’t even tried my hand at a short story in at least 15 years. I hope you find your solution soon!

    Thanks, Spark. I think the solution came in the form of a new software set I love. 🙂

  3. Write a basic outline, pick the coolest sounding scene you have in mind, then

    Do as I say, not as I do…

    Ha! When’s your new chapter coming again? 😉 You’re a lot farther down the road than I am. I can take lessons from a guy like that.

  4. English teachers always make it sound so seriously structured. Sometimes the best things come from thin air.

    Best of luck in your writing though, I look forward to another read 🙂

    Let me know if you’d like more, sweets. I forgot to add you to the chapter two distribution I think. I’ve got three ready and four is nearly there.

    Staying on track with something is difficult with all things. Saying “I am going to take my pills/exercise for an hour/do yoga/go for a walk or jog/cook at home/floss my teeth every day” is easy to say. Committing to doing it is a whole other beast. Perhaps making it become a routine would help? Devoting 30 minutes to an hour each night just to writing? Do it on your lunch even, or get a recorder, and make notes on your drive to/from work, and maybe dedicate a night or two or three a week to something such as Wednesday Write Nights to review your audio notes, and work from there?

    That’s actually a really, really good idea. I need to be more diligent and dedicated, that’s for sure. So here’s hoping my job backs way off and I can actually get stuff done from home.

    Ask around at work to see if anyone else is interested in writing, and perhaps one day a week at lunch, you guys could sit down and write together, each working on your own projects, but there for one another if you need a sounding board?

    Hm. There is one person but she and I don’t have the same lunch time. Interesting thought though.

    Or find a writer buddy you could schedule a date night with, so to speak. Like Weight Watchers, once a week, you meet up for a “weigh in” on how you’ve been doing, and check each others progress. You don’t need to read each others work, but at least touch base with “this is what I worked on this week, and these are my goals for next week”, and you guys can help keep one another on track.

    Weight Watchers, LOL! Awesome. I might post something at the library to see if there are any takers next month. I don’t know though. I have a hard time getting myself motivated (especially in the cold, harsh winter) to leave my family after being apart from them all day, every day. But the accountability thing sounds really great.

    Or bribe the kids to keep you on track with obsessive banter. I’m sure that could be a game they could figure out *themselves* to pester you until you go dedicate some time to writing and moving your stories forward. Or it could be a family write night, once a week, the whole family sits down and writes, for a half hour or something, and then you guys can talk/share what you worked one.

    My kids would love to be part of it like that. 🙂

    I don’t know. Rambling.

    But good rambling. 🙂

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