Weekend Blahs

3 thoughts on “Weekend Blahs”

  1. Yes, I would love to be included!

    If I ever feel better, I’ll make sure you get the chapters. Thank you!

    I’m happy to hear you’ve written so much, and your word count per day sounds like a great goal! Hopefully you aren’t coming down with something, but it seems as though everyone is lately. We’ve surprisingly been watching a bit of football this season, typically football only makes it way into our living room for sports highlights in the morning, and The Super Bowl.

    It’s a goal. We’ll see. I haven’t, of course, been able to do that this week being sick as a dog. But it’s a goal. 🙂

    Ctrl+S is your closest friend.

    I know. I just didn’t realize I hadn’t done that. I guess I *should of* been more careful about it. 😉

    This weekend? Matt was home sick yesterday. Feeling much better today though! And I’ve done some housework, lots of baking, and puttering with some projects for Honey Bun’s room. It’s been pretty productive, me thinks.

    Sick sucks.

  2. Can hardly wait for Wednesday. Keep me on the list please.

    I’ll make sure you’re in, Jaymie, thanks. I just haven’t felt well enough to be on my computer at home for a few days. If I start to feel better, I’ll send it out. Promise. 🙂

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