Back on the Horse

8 thoughts on “Back on the Horse”

  1. Happy you’re feeling a little better. I’m excited to read the next part in your WIP, though I won’t be able to read it until Saturday night or Sunday. =)

    Thanks! on both counts! And will you PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO THAT STUPID A$$HOLE ON THE DAILY SHOW?! For God’s sake, he hates everything you believe in as a Christian!

    1. Does he really? I only watch his comedy show, and I have no clue what his personal beliefs are, lol. All I know is that he likes to bash Republicans.

      Bashing Republicans is one thing he does, and bashing Christians is another. He’s a pathetic straw-man builder who hasn’t the courage or brains to face someone off the forum of his own show and he’s a complete jackass. Not sure how you can stomach his show and NOT know his personal beliefs. And I guess by the time you’re my age he’s not “funny” anymore. Stupidity seldom is. Oh well. It’s your life — watch and enjoy what you like when you like. I didn’t mean to sound dogmatic.

      1. Eh, for me I get annoyed with Republicans on Fox, and that’s all I’ve ever really seen him bash so far. Lol, it’s okay for you to have a differing opinion. It sounds like I don’t know much about Jon Stewart’s views on Christians, and even if I did and I still liked the guy and you didn’t, it’s no big deal.

        Oh, anti-Republican, eh? Interesting perspective for a Christian to have. Very interesting indeed.

      2. I’m anti-stupidity.

        Then why are you watching The Daily Show? Only one of those statements can be true.

        I think Democrats have certain points and Republicans have others, but both sides are too stuck in their own games to really do anything about anything. That and Fox News is just, well, I don’t know.

        “Less biased” is the term I think you’re looking for here. FoxNews can PROVE this. The “journalistic integrity” of the mainstream media is, across the board, appallingly absent. But in case after case, news outlets other than FN have ignored stories negative to their agenda, twisted (read: “LIED”) stories favoring their agenda, and openly stated they sought to get Obama elected. I don’t know what your political stance is, but for me, I will not tolerate MEDIA members deciding what I can and can’t see as “news”. If you want more information contact my wife offline and she’ll be MORE than happy to fill you in on why you should be smarter than CNN or MSNBC. FoxNews is your best choice for objectivity, and the others saying different — and John Stewart does, loudly and stupidly — won’t make it any less true.

        I’ve had some not-so-great experiences with Christians who were Republicans and praised the ground Fox News walked on. Maybe I’m just jaded. But I actually tend to watch the BBC more often than not, as it tends to be from an outside perspective and with a bias that tends to be “psh, stupid Americans,” which is something I can sift through a lot more easily. If that makes sense. I’m kind of confusing that way. Haha.

        Like I said before, watch what you like. It is, for now at least, a free country. Given the agendas of other news outlets and places around the world, it won’t be for long though. Think about that. Or don’t. It’s your life, and you’re all grown up. Right?

  2. Feel better soon, and since I’m so many miles away, I can give you a hug! Nasty things, colds. Will be down to your wip today, sorry haven’t read it so far 😦

    It’s all right, Damyanti, and I’ll take an overseas — and therefore sterile — hug any time. 🙂

  3. Brave you! I’m glad to hear that you got through it, and didn’t seem to be worse for having gone in. At least with a cold or flu there’s a predictable arc to the illness, so at a certain point once you are getting better inertia will take you the rest of the way. You keep feeling better now!

    I’m workin’ on it, Spark! Today seemed a bit of a setback, but I’ll rest lots tomorrow. Now my poor loving spouse has it!

    1. Sorry – I think that might have come out sounding like I was minimizing your illness and comparing it to my own problems. That wasn’t my intention. And it’s certainly difficult to judge at what point you can pick yourself up and carry on with life regardless of whether you have the flu or some other problem. It’s figuring out where that “certain point” is that is such a delicate matter. Keep listening to your body and take it easy.

      I didn’t feel minimized, Spark. No worries. 🙂 I learned a long, long time ago there’s always someone with bigger problems than you, no matter what they are.

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