Send in the Clowns

3 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns”

  1. At some point you look back and see X number of crises behind you. You see the forest for the trees. You remember that — regardless of how panicked you were in the moment — you resolved all those issues. Somehow.

    Then when the feces hits the oscillating ventilator, you stopped being impressed by the crisis. You stop letting the moment kick your ass and you start kicking the ass of the moment.

    Michael Caine once said, “I don’t get paid to act. I LOVE to act. I’d act for free. I get paid to sit in a trailer for days on end. I get paid to wear costumes that smell like somebody else’s body odor. I get paid to pretend to not notice that the cake pancake makeup on my face has hardened and is cracking on my cheeks. I get paid to make my smile and laughter believable when I’m sweating like a pig into my underwear.”

    Babysitting the system when it works isn’t what you get paid for. Putting broken sh!t back together is.

    I believe in you Darc. Your boss obviously believes in you.

    Wow. Just…Wow. Flippy, I can’t thank you enough. I can’t. You’re the best and I really, really needed to hear this. Thank you and God bless you. He certainly blessed me WITH you today.

  2. Darc, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Here’s something to remember: bosses never want to fire an employee if they can help it. The process of hiring and training a new employee is incredibly demanding, time-consuming, and stressful. Personally I will settle for a lot less than perfection so long as the employee is honestly doing their best and getting the essentials of their job done. You may feel that you’re struggling, but from what I’ve heard you’re most likely doing good enough for your boss. And you’ll get more comfortable with the programming stuff slowly, over time, until one of these days it won’t ruffle your feathers anymore.

    The Lord used you to bless me too, Spark! Thank you for being a constant reminder of reality for me. I really appreciate how you share your strength even when you need it the most. God bless you!

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