The Sandwich King

5 thoughts on “The Sandwich King”

  1. The Dashboard on WordPress will tell you what brought those visitors. For example: “thanksgiving day drowning 2011” seems to be bringing them in for “Thanksgiving at Gramma’s” on FlashTold.
    I haven’t looked into the drowning thing, I’m afraid of what I might discover…
    And there’s no telling whether they actually read anything when they arrive on FlashTold.

    I know the dashboard would reveal it, but honestly, I’m sort of afraid to ask, like you. So I’ll just roll with it. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  2. You want traffic? Mention “Twins” or “Nightcrawler”. Those are some of my most popular posts on my blog.

    Hahahaha! I know why “twins” works — on a couple different levels — but “nightcrawler”? Really? Other than the worm and the superhero, wth?

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