The Sandwich Onslaught Continues

3 thoughts on “The Sandwich Onslaught Continues”

  1. Dang it. Now I want a sandwich. Nothing fancy. Just some butter and strawberry jam. No, cherry jam. Some good cherry jam.

    Look what you’ve done.

    And I’d do it again. You know, I’ve never had cherry jam. Don’t know if I’ve ever even seen cherry jam for sale. How ’bout that? Now look what YOU’VE done!

  2. haha. It’s funny the ways people find our blogs. For months, every single day, I had someone coming on my blog via the term “man leaning”. um, what??? At least sandwich kind of makes sense. And wouldn’t the person know after the first click that my blog doesn’t have men of any sort leaning. Okay, I did have one picture for a contest, labeled that, but nothing else that would rocket boost my blog’s SEO.

    SEO’s a joke, isn’t it? I mean, look at what’s causing big hits. HA! “Sandwich” is a buzzword?! Get out of here.

    ….and, man, I want a sandwich now too!!! it’s that dang sandwich nirvana striking again.

    Hehehe. Glad to help.

    I’ve been using the mobipocket for Kindle that you blogged about. I’ll be interested to here about Schrivener too.

    Scrivener is pretty good, but one thing to be aware of is, it will only export as RTF unless you WRITE the export file in Scrivener. So, meh.

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