One thought on “THE END IS NEAR! THE END IS NEAR!”

  1. And what is the ultimate sandwich for you?

    The HAMBURGER! So many varieties! SO many flavors possible! MMMMMM!! Gaaaahhhh*!

    Like I said, I don’t really follow the games throughout the season, it’s just toooo long, and I don’t really understand the game, and Matt tries repeatedly to explain. Who makes it? Not really of any interest, however, I thoroughly enjoyed yelling “Who dat?!” a few years ago, and then dancing around like a fool when New Orleans won after Matt said they didn’t stand a chance, and I insisted they would win.

    Ha! Rub it in!

    And no plans for New Years. Staying in and enjoying a quiet night with some drinks. We’re serious party animals 🙂 I always think back to my favourite New Years Eve event, and wonder how I survived. I was messed all the way up!

    I don’t know about party animals, never having been one, but I can honestly say I prefer the quiet ones to the rowdy times where I couldn’t see straight through the alcohol and crowds. Heh. Can hardly believe those days ever happened!

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