Back…After an Unsuccessful Baseball Career

6 thoughts on “Back…After an Unsuccessful Baseball Career”

  1. That’s life. I think I’m on my six and seventh personal blogs now…

    Really?! Where are those?

    I never actually deleted this feed from my reader. Either I knew you’d be back, or I’m lazy.

    Oh, I hope it was the second. I will be moving, but not for about five weeks yet. *Sigh*

    1. A couple of them are just gone into the digital ether. I had domains and hosting, and everything and I just let the accounts lapse. I think one or two might be still on wordpress somewhere. And one on blogger.

      I thought about Blogger, but after their cute little maneuvers in ’08, NAAAAH.

  2. I’m tellin’ ya…Go Daddy for $4.99/mo and site mapping through WP. It’s easy as pie.

    I know that’s worked for you but my wife won’t use GoDaddy. Besides, we don’t want to keep our actual WP sites; we want to install new themes, tweak ’em, allow downloads, and more. But don’t think I ain’t listenin’, ’cause we’re looking at HostMonster and others for similar prices.

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