The New Chair

5 thoughts on “The New Chair”

  1. Hurray! Progress! Sorry to hear that the chiro was a let-down. It’s always a bummer when health “care” professionals don’t seem to care. I’ll be praying for God to send you a more caring chiro.
    Happy sitting! 🙂

    Thanks, Spark, that’s really sweet of you. I don’t know about chiros; might have to go with an orthopedic doc instead. We’ll see — only one more chiro on my provider’s list in my town.

  2. Does this new chair mah-sahj your butt-ocks?

    Nope, no bew-tox may-say-jing goin’ on ’round here. Matter of fact, this chair’s gotta go back; might’ve been shipped the wrong one.

  3. Judging by your comments, your chair wasn’t what you’d hoped for. Did you get a replacement?

    Yeah, we exchanged it once, but the second one we got stuck with. Better than what I had, by a long shot, but not the bliss my wife hoped. 😦 Ah, well.

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