Weekend Updates and Such

11 thoughts on “Weekend Updates and Such”

  1. Glad to hear that the WIP is coming along so well, Darcie πŸ™‚ Me, I spent most of the weekend trying not to rescue my cats from the trees. Today went along similar lines too, come to think of it. It’s wild over here, I tell you.

    First off, DON’T CALL ME DARCIE. ( πŸ˜‰ ) But — why AREN’T you rescuing your cats from the trees? Not being a cat person myself, I can relate, but then, I don’t have and have never had cats. Your reason…?

  2. Woo hoo for getting more done on the WIP! That’s great! I had intended to write, but the husband and I decided to clean the kitchen floor instead, like with crazy industrial type cleaner. What a difference. Not entirely fun, but satisfying in a way.

    Thanks, V.R.! I’m very excited about being so close to the end, although I can’t quite put my finger on the final word count yet. Not that it matters, I’ll publish it digitally, but still, I’m curious how much longer it will go. And I have to say, writing all weekend sounds LOADS more fun than cleaning the floors.

  3. I think you should take the easy way out and have everybody hook up with the other major character of their dreams. If the genders & personalities don’t match perfectly, I guess it doesn’t have to be a romantic hook up (happy valentines day). The leftovers can start a cafe/saloon or a blacksmithing shop or something.

    Isn’t it a cardinal sin in storytelling to let all the main characters survive? I don’t know, I really wanted them not to be useless and throw-away. Hope my beta readers can clarify for me. Care to volunteer?

    Or have them abducted by aliens.

    Hey, that aliens idea…that could work. I could have the guy come back in a couple months with a strange alien device on his wrist, near a town controlled by a corrupt rich guy with spoiled sons. Toss in a couple of native Americans and it could work, right?

    1. Sorry, I meant have them hook up and THEN get killed.

      OH, okay. So they’re still dead. And that’s sort of the dilemma. I don’t know if I want them dead, but I think they may have to for the story to have depth or whatever.

      I’m confused. Are you saying that characters are useless and throw-away unless they die?

      No, I’m saying these characters might be throw-aways, which means they probably HAVE to die.

      Cowboys and Aliens and Dragons. I’d buy that book. Twice.

      Oh, well, I bet you loved the movie then, right? Did it have dragons? Am I wasting my time here?

      1. I think the emotional/physical journey of your main protagonist (or maybe two of them) should be the primary source of the “depth” of the story. I don’t believe that it needs supporting character-killing to achieve that.

        I wasn’t sure if ancillary characters are important. I think they each have a specific role, but I don’t know whether or not they have value to the story from a reader perspective. I suppose I’ll find out, but I’ve already re-written a scene in which a supporting character got killed in a sort of senseless, unrelated way to the main character’s goals, and my wife hated it. So I changed it and it’s better — for now — but how that relates to the main character’s arc and story overall I can’t tell yet. So I guess the dilemma is whether or not the characters are necessary in the first place.

        And you’re definitely not locked in by genre, either. You’re not writing a slasher where only one can survive. You’re writing cowpunk, and you’re the first on the scene, so you get to make up the standards.

        “Cowpunk” — interesting! I like it! Thanks, B!

  4. I watched the last 10 minutes of the Super Bowl over and over and over and over and…

    I keep watching the one from ’01. Over and over and over…good times. Good times.

  5. I hope there is a chapter dedicated to Robots and Dinosaurs somewhere. Or you could just end with that? You wouldn’t even need to credit me if you did.

    Maybe the NEXT book will be robots and dinos. πŸ˜‰ And if it happens you can be SURE you’ll get the credit. πŸ˜€

    1. I’ll start planning the book launch party now. This is going to blow Harry Potter, and Twilight out of the water! I need to get started on merchandise…

      Awesome! Lunchboxes, Thermoses, T-shirts, posters, and let’s start lining up actors for the movie!

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