Two Steps Forward…

3 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward…”

  1. Eee! Exciting! 🙂 I’m glad you cut it and started over, whoever your first reader is, has the right idea.

    My First Reader is my darling wife. She gets to see it hot off my fingertips. By the time anyone else sees it, she’s already given guidance and input. 🙂

    My weekend. Terrible. Horrible. Awful. So thankful it, along with Monday, has passed and tomorrow will start fresh.

    Wow. Bummer! I’m sorry it was so poor. I hope things did and ARE looking up!

  2. Sometimes it is best to dump sections we aren’t thrilled with and rewrite. I’ve had to do that with areas that pulled the story in directions I didn’t like, or dialogue that wasn’t strong enough and it had to be completely scrapped. Good luck with it. Sounds like you’re on a roll.

    Thanks CV. I was on a roll — but real life has gotten in my way again. I’ve been getting home too late to do much, but maybe tonight will be different. 😀

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